A Little Extra

MissGretaGood dogs, like good people, are not born that way. They need nurturing and guidance. Dogs typically are eager to please but are clueless on what is expected. Often rescued dogs have not be given any instruction on proper behavior. They may jump on people, walk poorly on a leash or bark alot. Teenage dogs with lots of energy may need more exercise to burn off the energy to then allow the dog to focus on learning commands.


There is a cycle that many homeless dogs experience. They develop poor habits due to lack of guidance and end up in a shelter where they receive even less exercise and guidance! We believe our rescued dogs can thrive by learning expectations and manners. A Little Extra is our program to raise funds for these dogs that need a little extra to improve their chances to find a forever home. Miss Greta pictured on the right was an unruly pup who needed a little extra. After one week of training, she received several applications and a forever home!


Can YOU help some of our dogs get a little extra to improve their chances on a forever home?

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