Foster FAQs

  • What is temporary home?

    • A temporary home takes in one of our homeless animals and cares for it until we find a permanent loving home.
    • Almost Home Foundation pays for the all animal's food and medical expenses.
  • How Temporary Homes help Almost Home Foundation

    • The animal stays in a home rather than being boarded
    • The temporary home learns their temperament and behaviors.
    • The temporary home learns if they get along with other animals.
    • The temporary home provides insights on the animals that helps Almost Home Foundation look for the right home for the animal.
  • How Temporary Homes help the animals

    • Boarding Kennels are often noisy and frightening for an animal. A home is a much nicer place for the animal to live.
    • Our animals deserve love and attention... Temporary homes provide this while the animal is on its journey to a forever home.
    • It is so important to pass any information on to an adoptive family because we have a much better chance of the animal finding a permanent home.
  • What are the rewards to you for being a Temporary Home?

    • An animal will always give you unconditional love
    • When you place the dog or cat in a forever home, the feeling is priceless!
    • You are saving a life! While it is often hard to give the animal to someone else, you have helped saved a life - and are available to help another.

Apply to Foster!

Most of our dogs and cats live in foster homes.   You can help save the life of an animal by fostering.  The more fosters that we have, the more dogs and cats that can be saved.



Current Foster Homes



Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are the life blood of Almost Home Foundation.   We need fosters, walkers for our kennel dogs, handlers at our adoption shows, people to coordinate/operate events, publicity, data entry, etc.


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