• AGE
    6 years 4 months
  • SIZE
    Siberian Husky/Mix
    Not at show this week

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About Duska+

Meet the Dynamic Duska! This beautiful boy went from having a great active life outside of Springfield, IL to one of being kenneled for the past 3 years due to his owners failing health. He was surrendered along with his brother Chukcha. It was actually a blessing in disguise. They hadn't had any vetting for some time. Both tested heartworm positive. We have started heartworm treatment and until January 2018 they will need to be kept as quiet as possible. Good thing he's mellow and doesn't want to chase around the yard like a maniac. He absolutely loves to be by his foster Momma. He is very protective of me. If anyone or anything comes near me they have to go thru him first. He will actually keep his body touching mine as he completely circles me to keep me safe. Guess he doesn't know I can hold my own. LOL.
Since he's an older guy you don't have to worry about him chewing up everything in sight. He would be best as an only dog or with a female. I guess he doesn't like the competition. He would be a great companion for someone that's home most of the time. He would let you pet him all day. Duska sleeps upstairs in my bedroom on his own bed inches away from Foster Momma. He really and truly is a Momma's boy. He doesn't necessarily need a fenced in yard. He loves to go for walks, and is very good on a leash.
Being that he came into rescue very sick, I pretty much caved in when it came to him. He is very thin. He didn't like the dog food so I started cooking for him. In part because it's the only way I could sneak him his medicine. He's very smart and figured out the cheese trick quickly. Caught on to the liver sausage trick just as quickly. So now I put the pills in the rice and let them dissolve in the bowl while it cooks. Add some chicken or beef and he's a happy camper with no clue he also got his meds. Or maybe he's just playing me..... He is hard of hearing due to having had severe ear infections. It does seem to be getting a little better as he couldn't hear much of anything in July.
Duska is up to date on his shots, Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella and micro chipped. He can't be neutered until he is heart worm free. He is a really great dog in spite of all he's gone thru. He has more pep in his step and his eyes are a brighter blue. He is recovering very nicely.
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