• AGE
    1 year 6 months
  • SIZE
    Dachshund, Miniature Smooth Haired/Mix
    Not at show this week

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About Edna

Hi there! My name is Edna. I am a petite little girl. I can be very shy at first, especially with men. Once I have some time to get to know you, however, I will be your little shadow! I love to be where ever you are, especially if that happens to be on the couch under a blanket. I love other dogs, especially ones my size and would love a home with a 4-legged companion. Not only do I enjoy playing with other dogs, but when you can't cuddle me, I will snuggle with them.

I have a lot of great qualities that I can't wait to share with someone. I am crate trained. I am not a big barker. I love to play with my toys and for the most part will amuse myself. I love to snuggle and if you are sitting on the couch or the floor, I will need to be right up there with you! I also have quite the silly side at times. I enjoy being in the sun, whether that is in the yard on a bright day or laying near a window.

While I love being outside on a nice day, I am not a fan of the cold or the rain. I am so tiny after all! So when the not so great weather comes, I will need you to be patient with me as I don't enjoy going outside to potty. I know to make my potty outside and do best when kept on a schedule.

You may have notices from my pictures that my eyes are a little cloudy. A really nice vet took a look at them and unfortunately, my cloudiness is a result of a trauma that left my eyes scarred. I wish I could tell what happened to me. This scarring has resulted in impaired vision in both my eyes. This might be why sometimes I am really shy as the world is a very blurry place for me. I get along just fine once I get use to a new place. Trust me...I don't let my vision keep me down!

I would love to meet you some Saturday. Just remember- I might be a little shy the first time but I am totally worth putting in the effort. I promise I will payback all of your patience ten fold with kisses and snuggles!

Phone: 630-217-5334

Almost Home Foundation's adoption requirements:

(1) Be at least 21 years of age;
(2) Have the consent of all adults living in the household;
(3) Have approval from the residence owner;
(4) Have valid ID with current address;
(5) Be approved by Almost Home Foundation as a suitable adoptive home;
(6) Live in the Greater Chicago Land area.
(7) A copy of your lease (pet page) is required, and submitted with your application.

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