• AGE
    3 years 4 months
  • SIZE
    Alaskan Husky/Mix
    Bloomingdale PetSmart

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About Maya

Meet the magnificent Maya. Isn't she gorgeous! This awesome girl is a total love bug. She is a low to medium energy girl. She plays with all the other dogs large and small. She prefers those that aren't all up in her face. I don't think she would care either way if she was an only dog or with others. At one point she was 1 of 10 dogs at our house. Yes, it was total chaos. Maya Loves kids! Rolls over on her back so everyone can rub her belly. She is a very sensitive lady. You can't play rough with her or she will cry out. Unless of course it was her starting it. Yes, she's a bit of a prima donna.

She originally came from Alabama as an owner give up. I don't recall the reason, because it's usually a handful of the same excuses: We're moving. We're allergic. No time for her. She sheds too much.
She's a really good dog who didn't deserve to just be dumped like garbage. She is a precious gem and deserves to be treated like it.

Maya is house trained. She does NOT like to be crated. We haven't had any reason to put her in a crate. She loves to be with her people. She follows us where ever we go. At night she either sleeps on a dog bed in the bedroom or makes herself at home on the love seat. She has the softest fur you've ever felt. Being true to her breed you can expect to find A lot of hair floating around the house. She requires frequent brushing. I take her outside by the fire pit and brush away. The birds love the fur for their nests. If she wants attention she will come and paw you OR poke her head up under your arm . She's a comedian. Maya likes to lay down to eat in front of the TV. I swear she gets it from my husband. Her latest thing is sitting on the kitchen chair and looking out the window. She does know her basic commands and will do just about anything for cheese. She loves squeaky toys. Or should I say she loves getting the squeaker out of the toys....She can be a pain when she wants to be. She is a counter surfer, which may explain the burn scar on her back. You can't see it unless you move her fur. We will never know if she pulled something very hot down on herself or if someone did it to her. I'm leaning toward her having done it herself. A few weeks back my granddaughter came to me nearly in tears. "Maya ate the whole pan of noodles". Yes, they were hot, but it didn't stop her. So we had potatoes instead that night. Food is kept in the oven or the microwave when you need to walk away from it. The other option is have someone "stand guard". LOL. She also has great gardening skills. She likes to dig. She will however listen when you yell at her for it. On the upside she is great at getting rid of rodents. Be it mice, shrews or chipmunks. She is persistent and you will definitely know when she's onto something. Maya and my husky work as a team when it comes to those pesky rodents. She loves to chase squirrels and birds. We don't have any rabbits in our yard. I believe that would be due to her diligence in keeping the yard free of unwanted critters ;+). We have 2 kiddie pools filled with sand that we bury toys in so they can dig there and find treasures. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. It's all part of having huskies.

Maya's ideal home would be where someone is home the majority of the time. A single family home with a large fenced yard. She needs a lot of quality exercise to stimulate her senses and mind. She walks good on the leash with a prong collar. With more patience and practice the prong collar can probably be eliminated. Another dog her size would be great as long as they aren't pushy. She will let them know in no uncertain terms that she doesn't like them invading her space. It took about a week for her to get comfortable with all her foster brothers and sisters. I would prefer her to be adopted by someone that understands the breed. They are much more than just beautiful, they're a lot of work. To me they're worth every bit of it.

If you think she sounds like your kind of dog please complete our online application at Once I receive your application we can set up a meeting at my house. She doesn't do well at the adoption shows. Too much stimulation with all the dogs barking, people everywhere, strangers coming up and poking and prodding at her. You will get a much better idea of her true personality away from that setting.


Almost Home Foundation's adoption requirements:
(1) Be at least 21 years of age;
(2) Have the consent of all adults living in the household;
(3) Have approval from the residence owner;
(4) Have valid ID with current address;
(5) Be approved by Almost Home Foundation as a suitable adoptive home; and
(6) Live in the Greater Chicago Land area. Illinois only
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