• AGE
    4 years 9 months
  • SIZE
    Dachshund, Standard Smooth Haired/Mix
    Golf Meacham PetSmart

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About Roger

An Interview with Roger the Rescue Dog

Interviewer: Roger, thank you for sitting down with me today.
Roger: Glad to be here.

I: Do you know anything about your past?
R: I had a family in Alabama but then one day, they moved away and left me behind. I don't know why. Was I not good enough? Loving enough? Deserving enough? Luckily a neighbor contacted a local rescue to help me out.

I: That's terrible. So, how did you come to be with Almost Home Foundation?
R: I spent many hours in the back of a truck with lots of other dogs so I could have a better chance at finding a home. I am now in a temporary home with two caring foster parents and two doggy foster sisters.

I: Tell me about your personality.
R: I am a pretty mellow fellow. My favorite pastime is napping on the couch. After a couple weeks my foster parents found out that I am a total love-bug. I love to be petted and will nudge your hand if you stop. Total cuteness overload!

I: How are you in the house?
R: I am housebroken and not destructive so there is no need to crate me. My foster parents trust me so much that they let me stay in the living room when they are at work.

I: What are your likes?
R: Food, going for walks, chasing squirrels, burrowing under blankets, cuddling, and giving kisses. And did I mention food?

I: What are your dislikes?
R: Being picked up, sudden movements, and fireworks.

I: In terms of care, are you high maintenance?
R: Not really. I am currently 27 pounds and the vet said that is a good weight for me. And while I am not a non-shedding dog, I do have short hair so I won't shed much (translation: less cleaning for you!). I even let my foster mom clip my nails without a struggle!

I: Do you have any "quirks"?
R: For the first few days I was in my foster home, I barely moved from the back doormat. Even once I decided to move away from the mat, I didn't seem to want to walk on the wood floor. Luckily my foster parents laid out a nice path of towels and blankets for me to walk on. I think I am getting the hang of walking on wood floors so I asked my foster mom to take away some of the towels. The more time I spend in my foster home, the more comfortable and outgoing I become. So I know I will be able to adjust to living a new forever home.

I: What is the most important thing potential adopters should know about you?
R: Because of my timid nature, I have been labeled a "flight risk." That means I am nervous in new situations and can be easily spooked.

I: So how can your new family help you?
R: Well, for the first few weeks I should be leashed inside and outside so there is something for you to grab if I start to go someplace I shouldn't. Even once I am comfortable, all outdoor time needs to be supervised and I should be watched around doors so I don't slip out (but that's the case for all dogs, really, not just me). They also need to be very careful with me getting in and out of cars. On outings, my foster mom uses two leashes, one attached to a no-slip collar and one to my regular collar or harness. Just in case something happens to one leash, there is always a back-up. It seems like a bit much but it is better to be safe than sorry. I'm just glad that she cares so much to do this for me.

I: Will you always be a "flight risk"?
R: I asked my foster mom and she said that she doesn't have a crystal ball to be able to predict that but she hopes that my forever family will do what it takes to keep me safe.

I: What is your ideal forever home?
R: A home with another dog is required. This will help me become a good pack member and show me what its like to be a normal, confident dog. I don't know how I am with cats. I also need a quiet home with very patient people who will give me plenty of time to adjust. I am not an "insta-dog" who will immediately take to a new family. I need time to warm up to new people and places. While I like everyone, always being around young, active children would be too much for me so older children would be better. Ideally I would have a fenced yard (but no electric fences, please). Stairs are okay as long as I don't have to use them in my day-to-day life if I don't want to (or if I am too scared); remember I am nervous about being picked up.

I: How can people learn more about you?
R: They can email or come meet me at an adoption show.

I: Wonderful! Thanks so much for all this information. I hope you find a fur-ever home soon.
R: You're welcome. Me too.

Almost Home Foundation's adoption requirements:
(1) Be at least 21 years of age;
(2) Have the consent of all adults living in the household;
(3) Have approval from the residence owner;
(4) Have valid ID with current address;
(5) Be approved by Almost Home Foundation as a suitable adoptive home; and
(6) Live in the Greater Chicago Land area.
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