• AGE
    7 years 2 months
  • SIZE
    Terrier, Jack Russell/Mix
    Show loc unknown

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About Spiker

Meet Spiker,

This little guy is very fortunate to have landed in the arms of Almost Home Foundation. He is an owner surrender that we took in from a kill shelter. I can not imagine the horrors this little guy has endured. He has spent his entire life in a crate. He has urine burns all over his little body. He was used for breeding, we suspect and was no longer "earning his keep". He is very thin.

He was walking funny on his back legs and seemed to be in a lot of pain. He was unable to go up or down steps. Unable to jump up onto the sofa. He would just sit and shiver. Off to the vet we went. My suspicions were confirmed. He has a bad back. Vertebrae L4 and L5 are pinched so tight they look fused together on the x ray. L3 is close to doing the same. He also has bad knees on his hind legs. The right one is the worse of the two. God only knows how long he has been living in excruciating pain.

In spite of all that has been bad in his life there is now a bright beacon of light in his life. With the help pain management medication he is turning back into a playful, sweet, fun loving dog that a Jack Russell Terrier should be. He is now playing with toys (some bigger than he is). Interacting with the other dogs. He gets along with all the other dogs here in his foster home. He is one of six dogs of all sizes. He enjoys trotting around the backyard and sniffing everything out. He even gets along with cats.

Spiker loves to cuddle!! Nothing makes him happier than to be with his favorite human. He loves to just sit in your lap and allow you the luxury of petting him. Spike sleeps in bed with me (of course). He is a burrower and enjoys plowing under the covers. To keep him from putting his cold nose on my leg in the middle of the night, I have learned to keep an extra little blanket handy to toss over him.

He is now going up and down the stairs. I haven't seen him jump up onto furniture....yet. Of course furniture is much higher than a stair step.

He has a healthy appetite. However, he can not be allowed to become overweight due to his existing physical limitations. That would only make it worse. I am feeding him a combo of wet and dry food with his pain meds and fish oil slipped in. Overfeeding would increase the amount of stress already on his little bones. He will need to be on pain management medication and joint supplements for life. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt him needs to understand that and be financially stable to ensure he never goes without his medicine. That is a deal breaker. He's already had 7 years of neglect. Life only gets better from here. I brought home a new bed for him yesterday. He is in HEAVEN! He has a cutest little snore.

Spiker has been fully vetted. Neutered, micro chipped, and heart worm tested negative. He is up to date on rabies, bordetella and distemper vaccinations.

He is crate trained, but I do not crate him. I figure he spent enough time in one for 20 life times already. I have seen him go and lay down inside a large crate I keep in the house. He is mostly house trained. He has never pooped in the house, but has peed on occasion. The accidents are becoming fewer and farther apart. He does bark and pace by the door when he needs to go out. He's been very good about coming back in the house when he's done with his business too. I've not had to chase around the yard to get him back inside. He is past his puppyhood days of chewing things up. He likes to toss around toys for himself if no one else will do it for him. He's definitely a little character!

Spike would do great in a house or an apartment. I think he would enjoy being somewhere that he can roam freely outside. Not having a fence is fine though too. I would not put him with children. If they went to pick him up the wrong way he could nip at them out of pain. The only time he has ever nipped has been out of pain. He's a very sweet natured, happy go lucky little guy, but just like most people he can be crabby when he's in pain.

Do you have what it takes to love and care for this awesome boy? If so we would love to hear from you.

Est. DOB: 1/12/11

Almost Home Foundation's adoption requirements: (1) Be at least 21 years of age, (2) Have the consent of all adults living in the household, (3) Have approval from the residence owner, (4) Have valid ID with current address, (5) Be approved by Almost Home Foundation as a suitable adoptive home, and (6) Live in the Greater Chicago Land area.
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