Thor OGU

  • AGE
    2 years
  • SIZE
    Australian Shepherd/Collie, Smooth
    Bloomingdale PetSmart

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About Thor OGU

Hi I'm Thor. I was surrendered by my family because they didn't have time for me. I need a lot of exercise as I am a blend of herding dogs. I love nothing more than running and playing. If you have a pitching arm, I'm your dog. I can chase after a ball all day. I really like rope toys too. I can entertain myself by throwing them if I need to. I like to chase squirrels, birds, shadows, flying bugs and light beams. My foster pawrents call me a big dork when I do that. I need to be in a home with a large yard and a 6 foot fence. My nose will get me into trouble otherwise and I would not be happy on a chain or lead.
I'm a very handsome young fella. Notice my eyes are 2 different colors. I am a very intense dog and extremely smart! I know watch me, sit, down, stay, go lay down and shake. Of course I also come when called. I am good with other dogs. I'm best with medium to large dogs. I'm told I don't realize how much bigger I am when I play. I can be a bit much for small dogs. There's a 10 ½ year old Pomeranian here that doesn't take any guff from anyone though. I don't mess with her anymore. My best friend here is a Siberian husky. We run, chase and play for hours on end. I would like very much to have a buddy. We could run off each other's energy.
I absolutely love kids. There were 3 very small children where I used to live. I want kids to play with again. I would play ball or chase things and play in the dirt with them. I would also help them clean their plates so you wouldn't have much go to waste. Haha.
I am house trained and crate trained. My foster pawrents do not crate me as there is no need to. I was crated in my old house. I like to sleep downstairs so I can guard my precious humans (and foster brothers and sisters) while they dream upstairs. I sneak up on the loveseat and sprawl out. I don't think Mom knows so don't tell her.
I am very food motivated. That's great for training!! I'll do most anything for treats. I like car rides too. I'm a great passenger. I won't complain if you sing off key or anything. I also have great ears for listening if you just want to talk.
I really like where I live now, but my foster Mom says it's time for me to find my very own forever home. She said she will always have a place for me in her heart, but her arms are just a stopover place on my journey. She says it will happen. We just need to be patient until the perfect family comes along. I will be at the Bloomingdale Petsmart most Saturdays. Swing in and say Hi. Until I find my home I will stay with my foster pawrents.


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