We adopted Rayna, the Rottweiler, who was being fostered by Laura. I had been casually looking for a playmate for Remi, our Lab mix, but nothing really panned out. When I saw the video of Rayna, I felt an instant connection, and I knew my daughter would feel the same.

Rayna has been the perfect addition to our family and has made huge strides since we picked her up on January 5th! She’s such a lover but also a protector and wants to be close at all times. Whether it’s playing in the snow, wrestling, or snuggling, she and her sister, Remi (who we also rescued), are the best of friends.

Rayna was underweight when we got her, and we are proud to say that she has gained 10 pounds and looks amazing! She also had several sores/scabs all over her body, and those have all healed. She had her first bath a couple of weeks ago, and she loved it! She is still a bit skittish with new people, especially men, but she has definitely come a long way. Once she trusts you, she gently jumps up to “hug” you…then you know you’re good to go with her!

I also wanted to let you know that the two girls who did the home visit were awesome. Both Remi and Rayna absolutely loved them. They were so nice, friendly, and talkative. And Laura…she was amazing from the beginning of the process. I texted her over and over again as I would think of questions or concerns, and she was patient with me and happy to answer. You have a great team!

Thank you for doing what you do! We love Rayna so much and are so thankful to have found her!

Melissa Borgmann


Luna the Gentle Giant

Here is an update on Luna (previously Pyra and Daisy) – our sweet, gentle giant Great Pyrenees mix. She has come out of her shell tremendously since adoption and has gained about 40 pounds (she looks so much healthier)! She LOVES to play with any toy she can get her paws on. Luna is no longer shy and reserved – her favorite thing to do is go to the dog park to run around with all of her friends. It took a good 2-3 months for her to fully warm up to us and trust us – but, man, was it worth it! She loves cuddles, learning new tricks, and laying by our sides. Thank you so much for rescuing Luna and putting her into a safe foster home until she could officially move into her forever home. We love her so much and cannot imagine our lives without her. Thank you!

Morgan Wagner & Dan White

Cracker Jack / Jake

Cracker Jack, now Jake, who got adopted in October 2015, is doing well in his home. Since January, Jake has been training in the sport of canine nose work. He passed his odor recognition test (ORT) in all three scents in May. Last weekend, he competed in the National Association of Canine Scent Work trial in Burlington, Wisconsin. Of the 45 dogs participating, only 20 earned titles – successfully completing all four hides – and Jake was one of them. Way to go, Jake!

Cracker Jack


Sam is very spoiled and amazingly smart…We’re also starting to compete in agility, and he got his level 1 and 2 certificates from C-WAGS nosework. We take 2 classes a week (agility and nosework), sometimes private lessons as I’d like him to start in protection sports, and on some weekends, when the weather is nice, we go lure coursing. I’m so proud of the boy Sam is and the well behaved boy he’s become!…He never causes any problems and he loooves to travel with me! We just took a drive to Boston last month and he had the best time! I’m so glad I decided to keep him.
(video of lure coursing and agility below).


Huck Finn

Just wanted to send an update on Huck Finn (or just Finn for short!). We adopted him about a month ago, and are confident it was the best decision we ever made! He has come to fit in so well with our family, and is definitely the dog we were meant to have. His personality keeps us laughing day in and day out, and has enough energy to keep us on our toes at all times, but also loves a good snuggle with his mom & dad at the end of the day.

We are so grateful for Almost Home, and the awesome foster family that Finn was with before he came to us. Thank you for helping us find this awesome addition to our family!

Melissa Nocella


We picked up Kubo in December, so we’ve had him for a little over two months now! He warmed up to our place very quickly. He loves being where we are, whether it’s the bed, couch, or kitchen he’s usually hanging out with us. He loves his weekly trips to the dog park where he runs nonstop with his friends! He’s the friendliest doggy, as he wants to jump up and say hi to EVERYone when we go on our daily walk (we’re working on the no jumping part). Although he’s from Alabama, I think he was born a city dog because he loves our weekly adventures, like our walks to the lake! He sleeps with us every night and wakes us up if he has to go potty, no accidents with this guy! Our life has been a little brighter and a lot more fun with our Kubo


Kolby 1/31/2017

The adopters for Kolby sent a note to Kolby’s foster Sue, to let her know how smart he is and how well he is settling in. This is what we love to hear! Great job Sue, and ALL foster, for helping these once unwanted dogs along the path to finding their forever homes.
“Thank you so much for doing such a great job fostering Kolby! He is doing very well and both dogs are adjusting to their happy new life. He rings the bells that are hung on the doorknob when he needs to go out just as we had trained Copper to do. We thank you again for the wonderful job you did with him. He is the perfect addition to our family .


Clover 12-18-2016

Celebrating our one year anniversary with Clover! She was the best present ever! Happy Holidays 🍀☃️🎄

Clover adopted December 18, 2015

Calysa 12-4-2016

We are in love with the newest member of our family! She may be the sweetest dog we’ve ever met! ️ ️ ️ We are so happy that her foster mommy, Erica, took such great care of her before we found her.


Fritz (aka Folgers)

We just wanted to send you and update on our wonderful dog Fritz known as Folgers when we adopted him a year ago.   We adopted him at Pet Smart in Bloomingdale on Mother’s Day last year and we JUST LOVE HIM!

When we first saw him he was less than 10 lbs and walked on 3 legs due to being left in a cage at a pet store in Lisle.  We are now happy to say that he runs like the wind on all 4 legs and has a wonderful life with our other dog Boots.

He lives a wonderful life sleeping in beds, running in his backyard through access of a dog door all day,  chasing his pal and playing with baskets of toys.  We cannot thank you enough for doing all that you do to save dogs and help one that would otherwise not have made it.

On our one year anniversary with our Fritz in his forever home…..Thank You.


Jupiter (aka Tippy) Success Story

As we approach the one year anniversary of adopting Jupiter (aka Tippy), I wanted to share this video with you and thank you again for helping bring him into our lives.
This is a small gesture of the way we feel for him and the way he has affected us. In April we took him on a road trip to the Grand Canyon where he helped me propose to Andrea. He has been there for every life changing moment since we adopted him and we can’t thank you enough for giving us these memories with him. We hope that you have continued to foster and brought more families together because ours started when we added Jupiter. He now lives with two cats, can catch a ball, is trained off-leash, loves to swim, enjoys socializing with other dogs, and wins over everyone he encounters. 
We’re sure that he would love to see you again if you ever wanted to catch up. He’s grown a lot and I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten his rescuers. Neither have we!
David, Andrea, and Jupiter 

Jupiter (aka Tippy)

Rolo from rescue dog to therapy dog

Who says you have to start out with a puppy to get a good dog?

Rolo lost his original home at 9 months, spent 3 months in a shelter, then came to AHF and got adopted soon after.
His new family trained him to be a therapy dog.
Congratulations Rolo! We’re very proud of you!
Go and do good work


Sofie (aka Glory)

Each day I am thankful for Sofie (aka Glory) being in my life.    It is with great sadness that I write to you today.  On Christmas Eve my wife of 27 years went into cardiac arrest, and the EMTs were unable to revive her.  It as totally unexpected.  She now no longer has to endure the agony of depression, anxiety and back pain that she fought for several years.

In the 15 months that Sofie has been with us, she and my wife bonded from the beginning.  Being housebound Jan spent most days sitting on the sofa watching TV.    Whenever I  wondered where  Sofie was, I  found her curled up next to Jan, her chin often resting on Jan’s knee!  Sofie brought much companionship, comfort, and love to my suffering wife daily.

In lieu of flowers, Jan’s sister and I requested contributions to Woman’ Board Depression Treatment Research Center and Almost Home Foundation.   $250 was collected for Almost Home Foundation.

Dale Kuester

Sofie (aka Glory)


I just wanted to reach out to you to tell you how happy we are with the newest member of our family. When she was with Almost Home, she was known as “Jen”, we have however since changed her name to, “Megan” (“Meg” for short).
We also wanted to extend our most sincere gratitude to her foster dad, Pat, for taking care of her while she was waiting for us, her forever home. It was heartbreaking seeing him have to leave her, there was not a dry eye in the house after her left. I ask that you please share these photos with Pat and assure him that she is transitioning very well. She is really coming out of her shell and starting to show us all the funny, quirky little things she does. We already love her so much, and he was very correct – all she wants to do is snuggle and cuddle, well that’s when she isn’t watching us eat, having a snack with her sister or following us around the house 🙂
Thank you again so much to everyone at Almost Home, and especially to Pat.
Happy Holidays to all of you!
Elizabeth Basch and Mark Conjurske
December 15, 2015



We recently adopted Gamora now Meela, we had our beloved lab Sydney for 12 yrs and didn’t know how we could love any dog more until we laid our eyes on Meela. We are all sooo in love with her, including our neighbors. We couldn’t be happier to have her. We are so happy with our experience with our 1st adoption. Also her foster parents Sara and Mark were terrific and we are grateful for their involvement in her life and ours.

Dawn Yarger

November 16, 2015



Leno is a Shih Tzu that was confiscated by Carpentersville police due to neglect. His fur was terribly matted and when they shaved him, he panicked and bit the groomer. So now he was on rabies watch and had a bite on record. I was asked to check him out- if AHF wouldn’t take him, he’d get euthanized. I gave him a chance. He stayed long enough with me for his fur to come back and went into three adoptive homes. His first adoptive dad was allergic to him, the 2nd adoptive dad and grandpa scared him. Finally, he found his forever home with a wonderful couple who love him to death. After 7 years with his first, uncaring family, he finally found the loving home he deserved all along.

An update from his adopter on 11/3/15:
He is doing great, and we are so happy to have him! It’s so interesting that he wasn’t crazy about
the men in the homes you tried him in before ours, but he loves my husband! He is definitely
“dad’s boy!”
His only interesting quirk is that he barks like a nut when people leave. I guess that if you’re in
his pack, you have to stay, even if you don’t actually live in our house! wink emoticon
Anyway – he is doing well, the vet says he’s a very healthy boy, and he is very happy here!

Leno Adopted August, 2014


We adopted Brigitta from the Bloomingdale Petco in January 2015. We already had 2 older dogs who I adore & didn’t want a 3rd (mostly because I knew my 2 older dogs wouldn’t get along with a puppy in the house) but my two young children asked Santa for a puppy for Christmas & apparently so did my husband, so I complied. I wanted my husband to actually pick the puppy out so that if she becomes a hassle I could at least blame him. When I met the little “Shar-Pull” terrier mix (which is what we call her), I was instantly hooked; instead of being the kids dog, she has become my dog now. I play with her every chance I get, let her cuddle with me every night & trust me, she is a cuddler. Very energetic & full of wonder; everything amazes her. I’ve never had a dog like her before. My older dogs still don’t like her but that doesn’t stop her from trying to play with them! I never what I was missing until she came into my life.

Brigitta 11- 2 - 2015


Ella aka Dakota is doing GREAT!!! She has come along way from what she was when we got her the end of May 2015. Her fur has filled in beautifully, (the mites that cause mange) loves playing with her sister Guinness. She loves her walks every morning. She has fit right in to our family. Her personality, easy going, willingness to please, and listen and understands well suites her. She is very friendly with visitors. No aggression to animal or human she meets. Loves her “play dates” with the 3 dogs next door. So happy we have her.

Ruth Hospes / May 2015



As we were walking through an adoption event, we saw some very large ears attached to a beautiful dog and fell in love. A few weeks later we decided to foster her and knew she was a perfect fit for our family. Now that we have gotten to know her over the past few months her personality has really come out. She seemed quite skeptical of us at first and struggled a bit receiving and giving affection, but now she has turned into a snuggle bug and gives us kisses as soon as she is awake. Playing catch with a ball is her favorite activity and we have never thrown a ball more in our live as we have in the past few months. We caught her watching a bumble bee for a good three minutes and following it from flower to flower just trying to figure out what it was. She keeps us active and we do our job of trying not to spoil her too much (failing miserably). Thank you Almost Home Foundation for saving our wonderful girl and for turning “almost home” into simply “home” for Olay.

The Chapa Family October/14

Montana now Monte

I adopted Monte (aka Montana) on 12/1/12. He was an Almost Home rescue who’d been fostered for 6 months. He was hard to place because of his skin and food allergies. And while it has been difficult, and expensive, to manage his medical needs, he is worth it all a thousand times over. He is a dream, just such a lovely, gentle and funny little soul. I love him completely and am happy to say that after a 2-3 month period of cautious distance, he loves me right back!

Monte has many human and furry friends, he is quite popular in our northside Chicago neighborhood. He walks verrrrry slowly, I once clocked him at .375 miles per hour (literally, 1 hour), this attracts a lot of attention and as many laughs. Thanks for saving this beautiful individual!

The Aydelotte Family June/14

Ruth now Kyia

While Kyia had a rough start when we got her in November, she is 100% healthy now and one happy puppy dog! Kyia and Shelli (another rescue)have become best buds – they chase, romp and goof around together all the time, crashing on the couch for hours of napping! Her puppy brown eyes melt our hearts every day, she is a perfect fit in our family and we are so happy to have found her through Almost Home Foundation.

Jennie, Raldo & Matthew May/11

Arella now Karmann

We went to an adoption day and found a beautiful lab/shepherd mix and that was it- we brought Karmann into our family. She is a sweet two year old rescue who was saved from a kill shelter in KY. We have no idea what she was through before coming to IL, but it must have been a lot. Karmann took a while to trust us and get used to living inside with a family. She liked to growl a lot and assert herself. We have had her for four months and she is doing great! To think that someone was going to euthanize this beautiful and sweet animal is heartbreaking. She just needed a chance with a loving family.

The Mortensen Family June/13


Martha has been with us for over a week now and is doing very well. She has had her first trip to the vets office, and they were amazed with her calm demeanor and curiosity. She rolls over like a puppy for belly rubs. Oh, we have found her favorite place to hide. She goes up under a chair and lays on a cross-member. She also likes to lay on the back of the love seat and watch the birds at our feeder, or better yet have a staring match with our other cat, Gia. Her biggest problem is trying to decide who to hang out with when my wife is in one part of the house and I am another. Right now I am winning, as she is sitting on the desk watching me submit this. What a joy she is.

The Feese Family June/13


Four years ago my parents adopted a 2 year old Beagle/Husky mix dog that we named Barney from the Almost Home Foundation at the PetSmart in Bloomingdale, IL. He became our family member immediately and was an angel sent from above. He was loving, gentle, protective, and comforting. He was a protective brother to the granddaughter that visited him every day from the age of 1 yr old through 5 yrs old. He was a loyal companion to my mother when she went through cancer treatment, and he would wake up with her in the middle of the night when she had trouble sleeping. He helped comfort my dad when he had to watch his wife endure cancer treatment. He was a big warm hug and kiss every morning and evening for both of them which they greatly needed. He was also a comforting hug and kiss to all of us that visited.

Sadly, Barney passed away this month suddenly from blood cancer. We are devastated by his loss, but are also very blessed and grateful for the time we had with him and the love and comfort he gave us. We could not have made it through the last 4 years without him and truly believe he was an angel in our lives. We are also very grateful to you for all the work that you do and for bringing him into our lives. I wanted to send you a note to say thank you for all the hard work and personal sacrifice you make. Your work literally changed our lives for the better! Thank you for all that you do for your animals and their future families. We appreciate you!

The Lorek Family May/13


I first saw Hope, (Rott/Shep Mix) on the website after searching for nearly six months. I needed to meet her and see if she was a good fit for our family. I made an appt with the foster mom to meet Hope and instantly I knew I had to have her, I adopted her and can’t be any happier with my decision!! We just love having her, and it will be 2 years this October since the adoption. She is the sweetest dog you could ever meet, she loves everyone, and is smart and playful, and I just can’t believe how lucky we are to have her in our lives!! Thank you AHF for doing what you do to help homeless animals find their forever homes!

The Aloia Family May/13


We first met Ollie at one of your adoption events in Hoffman Estates. From the moment that we met him, we knew that he was a special boy and that he was meant to join our family. He loves to ride in the car and has figured out that, every time he goes somewhere in the car, he is going to get to meet someone new and make a new friend. No one that he has met can resist his wrinkled forehead, wagging tail, and the many puppy kisses that he has to share. Everyone wants to know if there are more just like him. Unfortunately, we have to answer that no, he does not have any “twins” that we know of. However, it has given us the opportunity to spread the word about your organization and the wonderful work that you are doing. Ollie’s sweet disposition and friendly attitude have also allowed us to help more people understand that not all Pitbulls are vicious and dangerous–they are, in fact, some of the most wonderful family pets that anyone can have. Thank you again, for allowing us the privilege of having Ollie join our family and the work that y ou do. Amy and David Groh

The Groh Family April/13

Tiger “Woods” now Parker

In January of 2008 I set eyes on this adorable pup Parker (Formerly Tiger “Woods”) and instantly fell in love. It wasn’t long after living together that him and I both realized that we found our soul mate. Parker compliments me and I compliment him. He is a very smart and intuitive dog that is always making me laugh. Everyday when I come home from work or just return home from being out he brings me a present; either a toy or his blankie. When he carries around his blanket I can’t help but call him Linus from Charlie Brown. Of course I return the favor by bringing him random presents. He really is a huge part of my world. Just thinking about him makes me smile and I truly feel blessed to have him in my life. In March he will be 6 years old and is actively involved in agility. We are currently in advanced agility and will be looking to compete very soon. Parker and I have had many adventures such as camping, hiking, boating, swimming, fishing, going for runs, random long car rides, walking around downtown Chicago, playing with other dogs at the dog park and just laying around cuddling together. He absolutely loves the snow, going sledding, and smelling every foot print he can find. I am happy to have him by my side sharing each adventure together and I am always looking forward to our next one.Parker and I have a special bond and I am so grateful to AHF for rescuing him from a high kill shelter so that he could be a part of my life. I will have to write back soon to send more updates and if possible send in a picture too.Thank you again for rescuing my little guy!

The Campbell Family February/13


Its been 3 months that we have had our Finley-boy and we are SO glad we adopted him! We had been looking for years for the right dog and when I saw him (and later held him and he fell asleep on me) I knew he was the one. He settled right in with us and we’ve had no adjustment period, its like he was just waiting to come back home.

We loved how unusual he looked with his scruffy apricot coat, giant, wide-set eyes, random 3 pronged black hairs and loooooooong body. He was listed as a poodle mix, but we thought he was a Lhasa mix for sure. We always asked him “What kind of dog are you, Fin?” and he’d cock his head as if to say “Beats me!”. Well, today the DNA results came in! He’s mostly Chihuahua-Shih Tzu mixed with Pekinese, Japanese Chin, BASSET HOUND (!!), Tibetan Spaniel, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, and Westie. No Lhasa to be found, but he certainly is a true Heinz 57 dog! People always stop and ask “What kind of dog is he?!” and now I can tell them 🙂

Thank you for doing what you do, Finny has brought a lot of love and laughter into our home and we can’t think of our lives without him. Thankfully, there are caring people like you all who got him off of doggy death row and into a nice fur-ever home 🙂

He loves coming to work with me and soaking in all of the love from our customers, and he loooooooves his bunny siblings, too!

The Woods Family February/13

Pando now Roxy and Barfly now Toby

Just wanted to write and say how grateful our family is to you guys. We just adopted our second dog from you in the last 2 years or so, Barfly ( now Toby) and most recently Pando ( Now Roxy). They are both terrier mixes or pit bull mixes, and they are both the sweetest dogs. Thanks for helping save this misunderstood and wrongly villified breed. We want to thank “Debbie” she could not have been more helpful. A great orginazation run and staffed by some really great people.

The Helms Family February/13

Snow White now Princess

It has been almost 1 year since my darling Princess joined our family and in honor of our anniversary, I would like to share my story. I met her for the first time at an adoption show in Bloomingdale. Having 2 cats already, my husband was reluctant to agree to adding another member to the family so I put her back in her cage and went home empty handed. I could not stop thinking she was the one perfect addition we needed and that night I had a dream about her! The next day I called to inquire about her one last time…thinking surely I could convince my husband to let me have my way 🙂 and I was told she had been adopted! My heart sank and I literally cried. That evening I told my husband how I called about her “behind his back” and whined to him.. well don’t worry somebody already took her! He just smiled and shook his head….brat I thought! The next day I received a birthday card with a fluffy white Persian kitty on the front (just like snow white) inside it said “Happy Birthday Mama I can’t wait to come home”! It was my wonderful husband who went behind MY back and adopted her for me! I got to go pick her up that night and ever since she came home she has been my sweet angel princess. She is spoiled rotten and deserves every bit of it. We love her so very much! She likes to be held mostly by her mama and wakes me up every morning with her low tone meow that is so cute it’s making me smile just writing about it. I am so happy we found her and that I got my way!!!

The Barnes Family November/12

Romy and Mazi now Kaylee and Baylee

My husband Ryan and I adopted Romy and Mazi a week after going through the painful loss of our 14 year old Corgi, Winston. Our home was very quiet abd felt empty without the pitter patter of 4 little paws. My mom adopted from you abd found Mazi online. I instantly fell in love and when we went to go meet her she was with her sister, Romy. We couldn`t seperate them. we renamed them Kaylee and Baylee and.both of my little girls have given our family so much.love, laughter, and joy. Baylee abd Kaylee are growing up along side our 2 1/2 year old daughter who couldn`t be happier to own 2 puppies.

The Barnes Family November/12

Yarnball now Mr. Cat

We lost our previous cat in October of 2011, after 17 years. It was difficult time. Although we missed her tremendously, after a couple of months the house was just too quiet.We found Almost Home online, and viewed a njumber of cats. We arranged to meet Mr. Cat at the local pet store, and it was a great introduction. Mr. Cat joined our family on December 26, 2011.He immediately took over the house, and let’s us know what he thinks in the loudest cat voice we have ever heard. His nickname is the “Big Flopper” as when he is ready to be pet (which is all the time) he just comes up beside you and then flops on his side with a thump. He could be pet 24 hours a day and not get enough.Mr. Cat also gets crazy time at least once a day and charges around the house with abandon. He loves to get on the coffee table and push books, TV controllers and anything else onto the floor.We are very happy with Mr. Cat, and can’t imagine him not being part of the family..

The Callahan Family November/12

Studly now Maxx

Maxx was the best thing we did after loosing our one and only Monty. Monty was same breed as maxx .Just brown not black. We lost him to lung cancer. He was 16 and had the best dog life possible. We adopted Maxx , not even a week after Monty passed. At first thought it was to soon, but soon realized how right it was. Dogs are the best , everyone loves you in a different way, and they are all their own characters. The biggest reason we wanted Maxx was for Buster our other Dog, who is also missing Monty. Max smothers buster with so many kisses . Now they are brothers and best friends. We are really lucky to have him in our family. Thank You.

The Wohlfeil Family October/12

Romy and Mazi now Kaylee and Baylee

My husband Ryan and I adopted Romy and Mazi a week after going through the painful loss of our 14 year old Corgi, Winston. Our home was very quiet abd felt empty without the pitter patter of 4 little paws. My mom adopted from you abd found Mazi online. I instantly fell in love and when we went to go meet her she was with her sister, Romy. We couldn`t seperate them. we renamed them Kaylee and Baylee and.both of my little girls have given our family so much.love, laughter, and joy. Baylee abd Kaylee are growing up along side our 2 1/2 year old daughter who couldn`t be happier to own 2 puppies.

The Barnes Family October/12

Sand Dune now Charlie

“Charlie” (aka Sand Dune) is doing great! My boys and I love having Charlie as part of the family. We just wanted to let you know that we have renamed him.

The Kowalczyk Family August/12

Bobby now Jake

After 19 months with our newest Family member, I finally can put into words how our lives have been changed. Yes, it’s another mouth to feed, it’s a few more vacuum cleaner bags, it’s more yard work anda whole lot more fun. Jake could have been a Boy Scout, he is obedient, cheerful, smart, and kind! He adores all creatures, including our neighbors very large cat! Jake shares time with all of us equally, even short car trips. He has made friends with his car harness espcacially when is knows he’s going to PetSmart. I can’t even pinpoint his strong suit, he has so many positive traits. He is ultra friendly, surpisingly intelligent and he has a heart of gold, no platinum!!My wife has never had a dog before, she has never had a pet. After two years of convincing she finally caved in and she choose Jake over many other dogs that we liked. It was the 2nd best choice she ever made!!

The Aiello Family August/12

Margarita & Black Velvet now Bella and Betel

Bella and Betel just celebrated their second birthday on July 15! They were adopted on September 11, 2010 (which makes that day a whole lot better!) In keeping with our tradition of naming dogs after stars and in honor of our dear Rigel (who crossed the rainbow bridge on July 2, 2010), we named these darlings after more stars in the constellation Orion. Bellatrixx and Betelguese are two more stars (Rigel is also a star in Orion)in the constellation. Beets and Bells, as they are frequently called, have happily joined our family. Our older pointer/lab has become “uncle” to them and he tried his best to teach them to be good pup-pups, which isn’t so easy when you have two of them to teach!Bella and Betel’s mom was found on a farm in southern Illinois, abandoned and pregnant. The kind farmer and his wife took her in, helped whelp the puppies (I think there were eight or nine) and five of them found their way to AHF. And two of those found their way to our home. Thankfully. We’ve had our pure bred dogs… to show in confirmation and obedience. We’ve had our fun in those show rings, but we wanted to help out dogs that were in need. Now we are a house full of mutts and rescued cats, all together, happy and having fun.

Thank you, AHF, for helping these two darlings find their way to us!

The Bazin-Johson Family July/12

Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie is doing fine and holding her own with her 2 new sisters. She is out and about in the house all the time now. She’s had no accidents and is relaxed and happy. Because of her blindness, my 2 girls have had difficulty getting close to her to really check her out before she growls and hisses but that’s okay with me. It will happen in due time. She sleeps with me at night and I know eventually, my girls will come back on my bed as well. She loves sitting on the bottom tier of the scratching post in the sun room sniffing the breeze coming in the screened window. She also loves to play with the turbo ring and the little foil crinkle balls I bought her. She is very smart and a total purr monster. We are so happy to be able to give her a forever home!

The Spaso Family May/12


I adopted Bailey last year she came into the kennel so afraid I could not leave her there, I take care of the dogs so I see all their sad faces. I have cats at home they are like my children so I had no idea how the lttle dog would get along with them or how my husband would feel, Bailey walked in loves her cats and my husband Bailey is the love of his life the dog is spoiled rotten. I wished all endings were like mine.

The Sleigh Family May/12


Poor little Amelia….I brought her home from Petsmart….and a vet visit she was not happy about. She took the day to explore the house on her own. By Sunday morning, she was eating treats from my hand. Came out from under my bedroom bed and started marking her NEW HOME..rubbing her head all over the home…making it hers..she is a very happy girl, following me around when people passed her up so many times at the showings….she is a lovey dovey kitty. She still does not welcome being picked up, but in time with trust and being secure…she will cuddle up

Update on Amelia….she is a lover…loves to cuddle when sleeping at night. She comes and he hairy sweet body next to mine and cuddles all night. She loves her tree stump scratching post (messy) but worth it. She wantsto makes sure she has food and water before I leave the house lol as soon as I wake up..she enjoys being picked up these days…not for long. She is a sweetheart to me.

The Torgus Family March/12


Shelley loves her walk/runs twice a day and is in the process of shedding her excess tonnage. She loves her new winter coat ; NEXT TO MEAL TIMES her favorite activity is getting brushed. She will ask you to play by jumping off the couch and dodging back and forth.When the weather gets nicer Shelly will get some obedience training – provided she learns to tolerate her canine classmates. She loves her perch on the arm of the sofa with its view of the neighborhood. She is a loving companion – a real snuggler at every opportunity.

The Gyssler Family Febuary/12

Cherub now Chopper

I fostered Cherub a huge white/tan Pit/Bulldog mix when he was 6 months old. He was a stray. When he wasn’t getting much adoption interest, I decided to adopt him. Turns out he is the best, most gentle, patient, and good natured dog I’ve ever owned. He is now a wonderful foster brother to the many dogs that have been fostered by us. It seems like he knows that his job is to teach the new fosters the rules and he does a great job because he is so patient. Now everybody that meets him comments on what a great dog he is and how good looking he is. He gives so much love and is such a character, that he makes us laugh everyday we love him so much. He just loves to amble and roam around the back yard, and lay on the deck to get a suntan. We make sure that we take him up North for some swimming and relaxation every summer. I was a little hesitant to own a 3rd dog, but he truly is the best.

The Rusch Family Febuary/12

Katie Sue now Daisie

PERFECT PET – yep, we got her. Katie Sue now Daisie = perfect! loveable, snuggable, listens well, house broken, happy, friendly, playful…etc We adopted Fitz now Duddley last March, he moved right in and now we came back and adopted Katie Sue now Daisie, another great fit. They are a perfect pair, actually they almost look alike. 🙂 They keep each other company until we come home. They are rested and then all goes wild. They chase each other, play together, eat together, sleep together and even include us in their fun. They bring us their toys so we can share in the fun. We really enjoy them. We are especially thankful to AHF! Thank you AHF for all you do for these pets and for us.

The Brezinski Family January/12

Kathy Lee now Kaylie

Kathy Lee, now Kaylie, came into my life as a foster in September. She quickly decided she was home, but I was slower to realize it. After two almost adoptions, and several weeks of barking, growling, and otherwise poor behavior at the shows but being sweet at home I decided that she was right, this was her home. Kaylie has been a great addition to my life. She dances when I get home from school, loves to go for walks, and cuddle on the couch. Now if only she would sleep past 8…Thank you for introducing me to such a sweet little girl. I’m glad she found me.

The Woods Family January/12

Roda now Frankie

In September of 2010 I was moving to the city and decided I needed to adopt a dog to keep me company. After flipping through the pages on petfinder.com, I came across this adorable miniature pincher/dachshund mix and immediately fell in love. I met Frankie (formerly Roda) and knew I had to adopt her. From what we could tell Frankie had been abused or neglected for the majority of her life (she was only about 1 1/2 years old when I adopted her). She was deathly afraid of men, especially my brother and my father. When I would walk her outside she would crouch down and be completely on her guard. Walks with her were not easy. But with persistence and patience, I’m happy to say that Frankie is a success. It is now December, a little over a year since I adopted Frankie, and she actually is starting to come around to men and strangers. She actually lets my boyfriend pick her up! She jumps into his lap all the time and snuggles with him. She is still a work in progress, but she’s finally allowing the rest of the world to see what a wonderful dog she is. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to save this dog and I have given her a chance. With the help of my family and friends, we’ve given Frankie the opportunity to have a great home and be the dog we all knew she could be. During the course of a year she has become an entirely new dog. She is a wonderful companion! I give my thanks to the Almost Home Foundation. They didn’t give up on Frankie and that allowed me the chance to rehabilitate her. Frankie is truly a success story and I hope others who adopt dogs with troubled pasts will give them the benefit of the doubt. A little bit of patience and persistence truly goes a long way.

The Maslo Family December/11

Roda now Frankie

In September of 2010 I was moving to the city and decided I needed to adopt a dog to keep me company. After flipping through the pages on petfinder.com, I came across this adorable miniature pincher/dachshund mix and immediately fell in love. I met Frankie (formerly Roda) and knew I had to adopt her. From what we could tell Frankie had been abused or neglected for the majority of her life (she was only about 1 1/2 years old when I adopted her). She was deathly afraid of men, especially my brother and my father. When I would walk her outside she would crouch down and be completely on her guard. Walks with her were not easy. But with persistence and patience, I’m happy to say that Frankie is a success. It is now December, a little over a year since I adopted Frankie, and she actually is starting to come around to men and strangers. She actually lets my boyfriend pick her up! She jumps into his lap all the time and snuggles with him. She is still a work in progress, but she’s finally allowing the rest of the world to see what a wonderful dog she is. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to save this dog and I have given her a chance. With the help of my family and friends, we’ve given Frankie the opportunity to have a great home and be the dog we all knew she could be. During the course of a year she has become an entirely new dog. She is a wonderful companion! I give my thanks to the Almost Home Foundation. They didn’t give up on Frankie and that allowed me the chance to rehabilitate her. Frankie is truly a success story and I hope others who adopt dogs with troubled pasts will give them the benefit of the doubt. A little bit of patience and persistence truly goes a long way.

The Maslo Family December/11

Boaz now Beau

I adopted a 4 yr old Huskie which I changed his name from Boaz to Beau. I brought him home from pet smart one Sat. in Apr of 2009. I know now it must have been fate. I was depressed from the loss of my 13 yr old dog that I had just loss and Beau was depressed that his family had just surrendered him to Almost home. I had no idea the healing power we both would have for each other. We were able to adopt a 2 yr old Huskie shortly after and give Beau a brother named Kia. Beau truly had a family to love and love him back. Beau was diagnosed with terminal cancer in Sept. of this year after surgery to remove 2 tumors and his spleen. There was never a day before or after his diagnosis that he did not give us every bit of the joy and love he had in his heart. He passed away on 12-26 the day after Christmas this year. He never gave up his 2 walks a day, car rides to hang his head out the window, he continued to give us all his kisses and sweet Huskie howls no matter how much energy his body was losing. He even hung in there long enough to spend Christmas this year with his family and open his gifts. Thank you Almost Home for the most incredible 2 1/2 years with the most incredible dog we could have ever found

The Bach Family December/11

Boaz now Beau

I adopted a 4 yr old Huskie which I changed hisbname from Boaz to Beau. I brought him home from pet smart one Sat. in Apr of 2009. I know now it must have been fate. I was depressed from the loss of my 13 yr old dog that I had just loss and Beau was depressed that his family had just surrendered him to Almost home. I had no idea the healing power we both would have for each other. We were able to adopt a 2 yr old Huskie shortly after and give Beau a brother named Kia. Beau truly had a family to love and love him back. Beau was diagnosed with terminal cancer in Sept. of this year after surgery to remove 2 tumors and his spleen. There was never a day before or after his diagnosis that he did not give us every bit of the joy and love he had in his heart. He passed away on 12-26 the day after Christmas this year. He never gave up his 2 walks a day, car rides to hang his head out the window, he continued to give us all his kisses and sweet Huskie howls no matter how much energy his body was losing. He even hung in there long enough to spend Christmas this year with his family and open his gifts. Thank you Almost Home for the most incredible 2 1/2 years with the most incredible dog we could have ever found

The Bach Family December/11

Roselee now Rosie

After pet sitting for a neighbors “teacup” Yorkie, we knew we wanted a Yorkie of our own… Then a friend brought Rosie to my attention on the Almost Home Foundation web site and we were blessed to have the opportunity to adopt her! We’ve had her 2 weeks now and we’re all doing great! Shes sleepinAfter pet sitting for a neighbors “teacup” Yorkie, we knew we wanted a Yorkie of our own… Then a friend brought Rosie to my attention on the Almost Home Foundation web site and we were blessed to have the opportunity to adopt her! We’ve had her 2 weeks now and we’re all doing great! Shes sleeping through the night in her crate and getting housebroken down with minimal accidents! Rosie has tons of energy that keeps me, my husband and two teenage sons very busy! Puppy training classes start this week, which will help us all. We love her and are so grateful to have her in our family! g through the night in her crate and getting housebroken down with minimal accidents! Rosie has tons of energy that keeps me, my husband and two teenage sons very busy! Puppy training classes start this week, which will help us all. We love her and are so grateful to have her in our family!

The Russo Family December/11

Cheryl now Ali Luv

When we where looking for a dog September 1st 2011 we didn’t expect to get a dog but when we walked in the Petsmart store We found our dog. Ali Luv is a Weimarane/ Beagle Mix that we all love so much. When we first brought her home she sat in my chair and took a nap. My mom and I bought her a whole bunch of toys and chewsticks and she being a little nervous chew the chewsticks up. She plays with the cats. It’s a little bit funny but she always has to greet someone at the door differently and has to be different! Otherwise she has to turn around and greet you again! Soo adorable! She is a well behaved, loving, caring girl that is ours and always be. She is Ali Luv and this was her Success Story.

The Gibson Family November/11

P Doggie now Mingus

Mingus (formerly P Doggy) came into our lives as a foster. When I picked him up at the vet to bring him home he jumped right into my arms and gave me kisses. The tech then said “you are going to keep this one – he’s a total keeper”. Looking back at that very moment, Mingus had decided he was going home to his forever home. Mingus came home and lived with AHF alum, Parker and IDR alum Koko. After a few weeks, he fit in as if he was always here. We “officially” adopted him shortly thereafter. Mingus is super happy burrowing under blankets, cuddling with his human, chewing on bones, doing tigger pounces, chasing squirrels, chasing bubbles and playing games on his big sis Koko. In his spare time, he will cuddle or chase his lil bro Parker too. We thank AHF for bringing Mings to us to join our crew! We just love him so much and he fits in with the crew sooo well!!

The Newman Family November/11

Nakita/Kishori now Ursula/Maleficent

I adopted Ursula (used to be Nakita) and Maleficent (used to be Kishori – can you tell I’m a big Disney fan?) a little less than 2 months ago and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I love these little fur-balls so much! They’re so happy in their new home. They have a bunch of toys that they play with, they love to keep each other company, and when they’re ready to settle down, they love to cuddle with me. When I come home from work they run to the door to greet me, and at night they love to curl up with each other on the bed. They have the perfect personalities and are so incredibly loving, playful, and well-behaved. I want to say thank you to Almost Home Foundation for letting me adopt these precious little ladies. We’re a happy little family now and I can’t imagine my life without them.

The Warner Family October/11

Forest now Finnegan

My only reason for contacting you is to thank you for all of the work you do to help animals find a forever home. On April 9, 2011 we adopted a dog through The Almost Home Foundation. His name was Forest when we adopted. We changed his name ti Finnegan. (Finnegan begin again because he got a new beginning) Our neighbors commented a few days ago that Finnegan won the lottery when he came into our home. I replied with, “No. I won the lottery.” He is such a silly boy who has so much love in his heart. We also have a 9 year old dog named Wrigley. Wrigley I realized is the “elder statesman” where as Finnegan is the “court jester”. I learned from Wrigley to take life at my own pace and from Finnegan to not take life too seriously and to enjoy the little pleasures in life. I want to thank you for connecting me to this wonderful little spirited dog. My life has been enriched beyond words by him joining our “pack”.

The Deubel Family September/11


I adopted Bocephus around 4 1/2 months ago, and he has truly been amazing! Bocephus has now completed his training courses and is doing great. I’ve taught him several tricks and he continues to exceed my expectations. Whether I’m having a good or bad day, Bocephus is there to greet me with kisses and love. We may even take him for further training as a CGC/ therapy dog! I love my new dog and I recommend adoption with ALMOST HOME or any local shelter. Always promote good dog ownership and these furry friends will love us forever!

The Gelb Family September/11

Limerick now Snickers

His name is Snickers formerly Limerick. Animal Control found him wandering the streets in Elgin.Turns out he was abandoned and abused by his former owners.We are not sure why he was at Almost home foundation not at some shelter in Elgin, but we sure are glad he was at Almost Home Foundation. When we got him he was completely trained and very well behaved. We could not have asked for a better dog. Thanks Almost Home Foundation

The Salerno Family September/11

Crepes now Buddy

When my Pomeranians passed away in 2008 and 2009, my heart ached. I love Poms but with a 4 year old and a baby, I kept trying to convince myself it just wasn’t the right time for a new dog. Of course, this didn’t stop me from searching for hours and hours online for a new dog. There was an emptiness that refused to go away. Over and over, I would fall in love with the pictures of dogs that needed a home. At times, I would show my husband, a picture or two and was usually met with uncertainty about the dog. I learned to stop asking, but I continued looking at pictures. Then one day in July, a few days before my birthday, I saw him. “Crepes”; he sounded perfect all except for the unusual name. I emailed Almost Home Foundation. A sweet girl by the name of Jaci emailed me back. We continued speaking for days until Friday when she was able to bring him to us for a home inspection. I walked out of the house to greet Jaci and bent down to meet Crepes. He immediately starts licking my face. He met Erica outside and licked her, too. We brought him inside and he jumped on the couch as if he lived here forever! He even kissed our cat! BUT, NOW for the big test; the BABY!! No problems! I kept thinking, “THIS is MY dog. I want this dog.” My husband and Erica took Crepes outside. A few minutes later hubby came in sweating, “You should see him run! He is FAST! Like a young Snuggles (our last Pom).” Again, I thought “I HAVE to get this dog”. Jaci told us to come to the Bloomington Petsmart the next day and of course we did. We entered the store that morning, and upon meeting Jaci my husband asked, “What do we need to do?” Jaci said, “He’s YOURS.” I cried; it was like a dream come true! I FINALLY feel like our home is complete! THANK YOU, JACI AND “ALMOST HOME FOUNDATION”.

The Robinson Family August/11

Niles now Stoli

I originally came to see Almost Home Foundation’s show (Petsmart in Bloomingdale, IL.) to see the husky/malumute mix puppies but fell in love with my Stoli(Niles), who is an Australian Shepard/Labrador mix. I was a bit reluctant to adopt him since I know his breed is a bit active…how wrong was I! He just settled in my arms as soon as I carried him and slept the entire time I waited for the husky/malamutes to arrive. The husky/malamute puppies were adorable but my Stoli/Niles was special… and I knew he will be the puppy I will be taking home with me and I knew my husband will fall in love with him like I did.As I expected, Stoli settled in my mom’s arms on our way home which was a 45 min. ride. He was starving since he didn’t have breakfast or lunch but despite his hunger he remained calm and just sat on my mom’s lap. My husband finally met him and he nodded his approval. I fed Stoli right away and boy, was he hungry.People just falls in love with him and wanted to adopt when they meet Stoli. He is truly a sweet puppy who loves to be kissed and hugged all day long. Despite all his accidents, including getting stung by a bee…he is the perfect puppy for me to love after loosing my two angels 3 years ago.

The Reyes-Aglipay Family August/11

Lyric now Lucy

When we read the description that the Almost Home Foundation had written for Lyric (now Lucy) on its website, we thought she might be the right dog for us. The next day, Ian and I attended an Almost Home adoption show, and we saw Lucy standing with her foster mom. Just meeting her for the first time was all the information we needed to take her home that day!Lucy, a black lab, just turned 6 years old on July 17, and we celebrated her first anniversary with us in early June. Ian and I are her third or fourth home, so watching Lucy grow more comfortable with us and gain confidence in herself has been thrilling. Just three weeks ago we took her to a local dog park that had a pond and threw a tennis ball into the water. Fetch is Lucy’s favorite game, and at first she wouldn’t go after the ball. But after urging her on, she finally overcame her fear and swam to retrieve the ball. After that, she couldn’t wait to keep going into the water!Having Lucy be a part of our tiny family has been an absolute joy. She is sweet, calm, timid, loving, playful and loyal. She is still afraid of loud noises and large objects, but we have learned that if we give her praise or a treat whenever the noise or object scares her, her fear lessens and she trusts us more.Ian and I have fallen so deeply in love with Lucy. Thank you, Almost Home Foundation, for bringing the three of us together!

The Palmer Family August/11

Eli Jr. now Toby

For most people 9/11 is a sad day, but not for our family. On 9/11/10, we went to the Petsmart in Bloomingdale. We were looking for a dog for our family. We found Eli Jr. – now Toby. A Brussel Griffon/Chihuahua mix puppy. After a rough start and the help of Almost Home Foundation (thank you Cindy), Toby is healthy energetic 1 year old. He is a very big part of our family. Thinking about why it took our family so long to get a dog, the reason is we were waiting for Toby!

The Serafine Family August/11

Raven now Athena

We brought Athena home a couple weeks ago and already she is doing great! She was left behind by her previous family and lived in an empty house for months alone….so it took a little time to convince her that we’d be home for her every day after work…but her crying in the morning has subsided as she has started to learn her new schedule. She is SO friendly and gets along with everyone & everything! She does great on walks and loves her new big yard. She loves all the attention & treats and love to play with her new friends Buddy (a recent AHF adoptee), Hercules, and Emma! No more cage…it’s couches & dog beds these days! We want to thank you Almost Home Foundation!! You have found her the perfect new family & home that she so much deserved!

The Imlah Family July/11

Breida now Ellie

Ever since my mom and dad surprised me and my brothers with our new dog Ellie my life has been more energetic and amazing. Ellie is a 10 month old lovable German Shephard mix. She gets along amazingly with our 9 year old German Shephard/Border Collie mix. They are the best pair ever. Ellie has become my new bestfriend. We spend ever second possible we can with each other. No day is boring with my Ellie belly. Thank you Almost Home Foundation for showing my parents Ellie. She is the best thing i could have ever asked for!

The Riordan Family July/11

Lively now Bella

Bella, previously Lively, is the most fantastic girl! She came to us in November 2010 after our lab passed away, and became a family member immediately. She is sweet, smart, obedient, beautiful. Everything you could ask for in a dog. Although she has “ball obsessive disorder”, typical of labs, she couldnt be more well behaved. She loves our 4 and 5 yr old boys, and they give her PLENTY of exercise. Bella recently went on her first camping trip and was in heaven! Thank you to Almost Home Foundation for rescuing this unbelievably wonderful girl and allowing us to bring her into our family!.

The Cramer Family June/11

Payday now Lucky

I was a foster parent for Payday & I fell in LOVE with him !!!! He is great lil boy that I love very much. Im so happy that he is in my life. He is adorable & he shows me love everyday. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for him . He changed my life just like I changed his. He is full of life and loves to play with his toys. THANK YOU Almost Home Foundation for everything !!!! & THANK YOU for helping these animals that are in need. GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!

The Joanna Family June/11


Almost 2 years ago, my family adopted Sydney who has been the most wonderful dog for our family. Even though she was up in age (she was older than we all thought), she loved to play fetch in the backyard and run around with the kids. She followed me everywhere I went. Last fall Sydney developed diabetes but it didn’t slow her down. We changed her food to a diabetic food and gave her insulin shots twice a day, which she didn’t like but she was a trooper about it. About a month ago she began bleeding and I took her into our vet who performed surgery on her that day. She came home two days later and was doing very well until her third day home when the bleeding returned. Sydney and I went back to the vet earlier this week and we were told that because of her diabetes, she is too high of a risk for more surgery. Because of her age, the diabetes and the risk factor, we have decided that we are going to have to put her down on Saturday. I love Sydney and am so happy that she was able to be with our family. She has been the sweetest dog that we could have ever imagined and this is just so difficult. I wish that she could have been with us for more than 2 years. Thank you so much for letting us love her for the last two years of her life. I hope that we made a difference to her because she sure has made a difference in our lives. I just wanted you to know the situation. Thank you for letting us be her family for the past two years.

The Cerbin Family Apr/11


We had only been volunteering for Almost Home Foundation for a couple of months when we met Winston in September of 2010. He had been given up by his previous owners because of recurring ear infections. In fact, his ears were in such bad shape that Winston needed surgery to open his ear canals. We helped take care of Winston at the kennel for a couple of months while he recovered from his surgery. By that time, we had fallen in love with him. We found ourselves thinking and talking about him constantly. We also knew that his special needs were preventing him from getting adopted each week at the show. We brought him home right after Thanksgiving and he has been here ever since. Now, you can find him laying on the top of our couch (like a cat) or playing fetch with his daddy. We couldn’t imagine our life without him. Thank you Almost Home for giving us this special boy!

Frank & Christina Ciesla Apr/11

Duke Ellington & Diana now Skip & Candy

December of 2007 we adopted Duke Ellington (now Skip), a walker treeing coon hound as our transition dog because we knew our beloved great dane was growing old. Skip was a year and a half old and we were his third or fourth home but he did well with our great dane at the Petsmart in Bloomingdale, so we brought him home. We watched our frightened and timid hound slowly grow into a playful pup, but it took a year before he really started trusting that we would not abandon him, and like many dogs with a past, we formed theories about past treatment from the way he would react to certain situations and types of clothing (like hunting gear, which would cause him to pee and hide). For instance, once I realized he was afraid of being tossed out of the car, we would leash him to our seat and he would relax. Our elderly great dane, Blitzen, was wonderful for Skip and, we did not realize how closely young Skip had bonded to his elderly companion until we lost Blitzen to bone cancer at ten and a half years (old by great dane standards!)in May of 2009. For a month, Skip moped and then one morning, our food-motivated hound wouldn’t even get out of his bed for his breakfast. The very next day we took him back to the Petsmart Bloomingdale where he had been adopted to look for a companion. We all settled on a year old golden retriever/spitz mix who had just come up from Georgia and was bone thin. The first time I fed Candy (formerly Diana), after eating her fill she came and gave me a full-body canine hug! Within weeks, she had put on twenty pounds to level out at 50 pounds. While Skip at first pretended that she was just a pesty little sister, he showed his true colors when we brought her back from being spayed and she was still groggy from anesthetic. Skip was SO happy she came back, he brought her every dog toy in the house! Although he is 80 pounds, he plays gently with her and our loving little Candy helped make his transformation to secure happy boy complete. We are excited to say that in the last year he has made the final strides in trust to where he is no longer afraid of being called to come (he actually let my husband look at his ear when I was out of town and then put medicine it it this last summer – HUGE break through!!). He is the most loving, affectionate dog who dotes on our three sons and regularly snuggles with me. Skip vocalizes a lot and clearly says “mrom!” and “hell-o” in his own way, and howl-sings when our boys play the piano. We are so proud of him because we had never met a dog that so badly needed to be loved, and worked so hard to overcome his fears. Candy, so-named because she is our sweetheart and the only daughter of the house, settled into our family within only a few days and is amazingly smart and loyal, not to mention adorable. No matter where I am and how uncomfortable it is, she will be there with me, my little companion dog. Candy really helped our entire family heal after Blitzen died. Both our furry children are very much loved and I would not hesitate to come back to Almost Home if we were ever in need of another furry companion. Thank you, Almost Home.

The Falls Family Apr/11

Eclipse now Stroker

On 4/17/2010 we were so excited to adopt Eclipse now Stroker and make her a part of our family here it is almost one year later and she has our hearts as well as the hearts of our 2 cats and our big boy mastiff Harley she is a loving cuddlebug that is full of energy and lots of kisses we were soooo lucky to have found her thank you Almost Home for our newest and forever addition.

The Lesniak Family Apr/11

Fitz now Duddley

Formerly Fitz, Now known as Duddley! Our Mr. Hollywood. He is the most adorable, lovable, snuggable little dude ever! We brought him home hoping for a smooth adjustment….no adjustment necessary. He marched in and scoped everything out like he belonged here. What a personality! Bonded quickly. Neighbors fell in love with him. He loves long walks, doesn’t get tired. 🙁 Always on the go…loves the car!!! Friendly. Tail never stops wagging. He gets along great with our other dachshund, Frank. Squeaky toys are everywhere and he runs through the house squeaking them… sounds like we have a pony. Pretty funny for a little guy who tips the scale at 13lbs. It appears he may have been fed off the table, however, after a couple of weeks, he accepted menu here…dog food! Loves the yard, runs at super speed!!! He had his first visit to the groomer where he enjoyed a blueberry facial along with a fluff and buff. Looks great and smells awesome! Got excellent reviews for his behavior there too. Can’t go wrong with this little guy. Thank you, Almost Home Foundation, for all you do. Duddley was a great choice for us!

The Brezinski Family Apr/11

Crumpet now Lily

I want you to know what a joy Crumpet (now Lily) is to us. We adopted her late last September and we were told that she was five years old, and while we had some doubts about adopting an adult dog, she is a perfect match for us. She is so well-mannered, and loves the attention my husband and I give her. We adopted our first dog when she was 10 months old and did most of the training ourselves. We were worried that an older dog might be difficult to train, but she was, basically, trained and adapted to our household immediately. I wish more people would consider adult dogs. Lily may not be with us as long as a puppy would be, but all the years will be happy ones! She is a well-loved dog now. Thank you for taking her in so we could find her at one of your adoption events.

The Gordon Family Apr/11

Mitis now Jake

It has been a month since I adopted Jake (Mitis) into our home and I feel like we have received the greatest blessing EVER!! Because I was bringing Jake into my home with my elderly Dad I had to be as sure as possible that it was a good fit. I said many prayers that the dog I picked would be sweet and lovable and easy to care for. That he would be a good companion to my Dad – gentle and quiet and that he would listen and be well behaved. I prayed that we wouldn’t have any accidents and that he would be nice to people and other dogs. Oh and…that he would like to play with his Mom. To be honest, I doubted that this dream dog existed but I was so wrong. All that I prayed for is true of my Jake. I cannot believe what joy he has brought into our home. I knew I would love him but the most pleasant surprise is that Dad loves him just as much and it has changed his life to have such a wonderful companion. He said he wasn’t going to let the dog on the furniture but guess who sleeps on the couch with Dad all the time :0)Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone at AHF who took good care of my boy while we found our way to each other.Cindy

The Browder Family Mar/11

Serafina now Nala

We went to Petsmart in September 2010, “just to look” at the dogs that were available for adoption. We had recently made the heartbreaking decision to have our 15 1/2 year old dog put to sleep and were not quite ready for another dog… however, we walked in the store and the first dog we spotted was Serafina (now Nala),a Puggle, looking sweet, innocent and as adorable as she could be! We were told that she was a stray dog and the Almost Home Foundation had rescued her from a “kill shelter”. She was skittish at first and not very active when we first brought her home. But we soon learned Nala is a VERY playful, silly and loving little girl. She has such a personality and absolutely LOVES any kind of attention. Nala speaks to us in her own language and always seems to have something to say. Her favorite activities are chasing her tennis ball in our backyard, being petted for hours and snuggling. We have named her “Our Snuggle Puggle!” All she wants is our love and attention and we are so pleased to give it to her!

The Schroeder Family Apr/11

Bianca now Wrigley

We were searching for a dog to adopt for many weeks. We went to all the PetSmart adoptions that day and then, in Bloomingdale, we spotted Bianca. She was the happiest dog we had ever seen. We adopted her and took her home. While we were bringing her in to the house, she backed out of her collar and took off-long story short- she would not come to us as she did not know us. We called her foster parents, Julie and Smitty, and they came to the rescue. Julie assured us that she would get used to us and asked us to be patient. We were so discouraged, felt guilty about taking the happiest dog and making her the saddest dog. She hid in a corner with her toys for about 3 days and then, just as Julie had promised, she started to come around. Today, a year and a half later, Wrigley is the BEST dog one could ask for. Leon has turned her into the frisby dog extraordinaire. She is the SWEETEST, most loyal and loving companion. We can’t imagine our life without her. Her loving nature and happy demeanor adds so much to our lives. We will never live without an adopted dog again. We are so grateful to Julie, Smitty and Almost Home for giving us the opportunity to adopt Wrigley into our home. This is a first dog for our family as we had an allergic family member who finally grew out of her allergies.

The Tasche Family Feb/11

Bacon & Talia now Boomer & Penny

We met Bacon in 2009 after he was returned to Almost Home Found. He had been adopted for 6 months and was just ‘dropped off’ he was scared and bleeding around the mouth. His tail was between his legs and he was shaking. Many volunteers were at the Bloomingdale location and even his former Foster Mom. My daughter and I walked in to see if we could be of help as a handler and we saw poor Bacon. We decided to foster him back to health and Chuck of AHF said “I want to see you with the dog next Saturday or bring me a check” Chuck had a check by the next Saturday. It took Boomerang (Boomer because he keeps bringing the ball back to have it thrown AGAIN)Has brough joy, laughter and fun to our lives. In Sept 2010, I was working a show at Meacham Petsmart when from across the room I saw the most unique and beautiful Spaniel mix ever!! Talia had been with AHF for less than 3 days and with her foster mother since only that morning. It was love at first sight. My husband came over to meet her and was not able to see her until she came out of grooming. Talia and I kept eye contact during the entire grooming process (which I might add, she hated) there were people lining up to look at her, on phones talking about her. When she came out of grooming she ran over to me and my husband and has never left since. Talia (renamed Penny for her copper fur) and Boomer have become fast friends. They love their walks and love to cuddle, sleep with us and are just the sweetest additions to our empty nest. Thank you Almost Home Foundation. I will continue to work to help other dogs become as happy as ours.

The Bernacki Family Feb/11

Black Forest now Vino

Black Forest, now Vino-Is perfect in so many ways. We have had him alittle over three weeks now and he goes outside and understands what he is suppose to do. (super smart). He also knows how to sit and shake. My other dogs have welcomed him openly and he is the perfect fit to our family and want to thank Lyn and AHF for the amazing decision. Thanks again for everything.Love-Angela, Todd, Romeo(pomeranian) & Enzo(beagle)

The Vanetta Family Feb/11

Dos now Joey

I adopted Dos, now Joey in September of 2010. At the time he didn’t like other dogs. I didn’t mind it since I have cats and he didn’t mind them at all. Within 3 weeks with me Joey was a completely different dog. He responded to his name immediately (he NEVER responded to “Dos”) and was doing great at doggy daycare playing with other dogs. He clearly suffered from abuse before I adopted him and while it took him some time to warm up to people, he now goes to anyone to say hi and is great with kids! I’m so thankful to AHF for saving my sweet boy, and to Rhonda for suggesting I foster him.

The Parmakis Family Feb/11

Innocent now Mia

In September 2010 we adopted Mia from AHF. Mia is an absolute sweetheart. She is the happiest little dog we’ve ever seen with a tail that never stops wagging. It only took her a few days to make herself at home and for all of us to love her. We are so glad that we adopted her and she is very much a big part of our family.

The Klein Family Feb/11

Shula now Buddy

We adopted Buddy a week ago and already he’s showing so much improvement! His eye infection is looking so much better everyday, he’s learned to sit, and loves playing with all his new toys. He gets along great and is learning so much from his new brother Hercules & sister Emma. Buddy’s had his first bath and first few walks and seems to be picking up on all our routines very quickly. He is very pet & people friendly and we’re all looking forward to the weather getting nicer and spending lots of playtime outside. Thanks Almost Home for rescuing Buddy and giving him the life he so much deserved!

The Gottschalk Family Feb/11

Butternut now Parker

We adopted Butternut (now Parker) in September 2010. When we met him and his brother, Bobby Pin, Parker was VERY outgoing and interested in playing with my Doberman, Koko. Koko loved to play with small dogs, but not all small dogs love her. Parker however was not phased by Koko or her size (or vocals for that matter). Needless to say, Parker was the perfect match! From the first day he came home he has been a super sweet boy and royal comedian. He learns very fast and is working on retaining all the fun stuff he learns from Koko and obedience class. Not to mention, he is Koko’s best friend. I can’t imagine life without Parker – he has become the best little buddy and partner in crime we could ask for! Thank you Marcy and AHF!

The Newman Family Feb/11

Fiesty now Oscar

I am a foster failure. But if I had to fail at something, it was the best thing I ever failed at. One hour after bringing Oscar home last September 2010, I knew I could never let him leave. He is the perfect “velcro” dog. He follows me everywhere. I have never had such a devoted pet. He shows me unconditional love every day. I only hope is that I make him as happy as he makes me. AHF is the greatest and they love, care & worry about every dog & cat they take under their wing. If I had my way, everyone would be a foster failure and every dog would be sleeping tonight in their forever home!

The Doyle Family Feb/11

Zodiak now Ace

We came to see one dog and left having fell in love with both dogs! Circumstances though allowed us to adopt only one and Zodiak was ours after waiting a week.On his first few hours home there was the obligatory exploration but then he settled right in as if he had been there forever! Our three sons he adapted to pretty quick and the two cats barely bothered him. We took him to be groomed the next day and he spent six hours getting pampered and everyone was amazed how he reacted to us he gives great kisses to us and to the neighbor kids!He is home and walks at least five to six times a day and sleeps upstairs with the rest of the family, he has barked in the house maybe three times, mostly to play with one of the cats. Ace is tops in our deck, even with the three other jokers that we have.There was an issue about him eating but we took care of that, he loves Iams Naturals and will eat it from our hand, the floor and more importantly from his bowl, we should have him up to his more natural weight here quickly!Thanks to Almost Home and to his foster family.

The Littlejohn Family Feb/11


We adopted Jakey a little over six months ago. We have two children that absolutely love him. He has been the best dog we have EVER had. We were leary about getting another dog because our past experiences were less than wonderful. Jakey is about 2-3 years old. Knows lots of commands and is house broken. I was hesistant to let him out of his crate at night at first because I wasn’t sure how he would act. I have not regretted that decision one bit. He roams from bed to bed throughout the house. He ALWAYS ends up with me. He is my side kick and wherever I am so is he. He loves going for car rides and we take him with us everywhere. He is very spoiled and we can’t imagine our life without him. I would always adopt a dog from the Almost Home Foundation. It has been one of the best experiences of my life. We will be taking him camping and can’t wait to see how he does on that new adventure. This is a fabulous foundation and anyone thinking about adopting an animal should definitely choose this foundation!

The Peters Family Feb/11

Puffy now Sammy

Almost 2 weeks ago we adopted our new little family member Sammy. He has adjusted well in our home and gets along great with his brother Maddux. Sammy is a funny dog who loves to sleep on the couch on his back with all four paws up in the air. It is a sight to see :)Maddux and Sammy love playing together. It is so much more fun to have two pooches in our home. They love going for walks. Sammy is still working on doing all his business outside but we have no worries that he will get used to our schedule and learn quickly.We want to thank AHF, especially Tiffanie and Kathy for trusting us with Sammy and giving us this beautiful little guy. This adoption experience has been so wonderful and all of the AHF staff we encountered have been so knowledgeable,kind and helpful.You guys are all doing a fantastic job.Again, thank you so much for Sammy!!!Lots of love,Julio, Kathleen, Maddux and Sammy 🙂

The Rivera Family Feb/11

Claus now Motley

We came across the adoption show at the Bloomingdale Petsmart on Jan 1st 2011(talk about a happy new year!!!) We had just came from a adoption shelter up north where the puggle’s we had been inquiring about had been adopted right before we got the chance. We walked into Petsmart-turned the corner, and ABSOLUTLEY fell I.N. L.O.V.E with Claus (aka as the hippest lil motley crue jr.) He is THE most loving, gentle, peppy, full of life, perfect little puggle we have ever seen! To be quite honest, he is MORE than we were ever hoping to find. He seriously makes us smile and makes our day THAT much more joyous. He loves playing with alllll his toys! He is so calm and well mannered. We are slowly teaching him more and more tricks. He sleeps with us at night, like he is one of us humans, of course! Head on the pillow and all!! =) We both just want to thank Almost Home Foundation for everything each and every one of you do for these precious animals. Motley just brightens up our lives.

Thank you for the lil man of our dreams!!!

Jillian, Jason, and MOTLEY!!!! Jan/11

Irish Mist now Bugsy

We were thinking of getting a pup for sometime, and finally made the choice (making sure we were 100% positive).. We did our research and found Bugsy and went to his foster home and fell in love, now I do believe in love at first sight.. We hit the jackpot with Bugsy.. he is such a good dog, we had him since friday and he is already learning to use the bathroom outside, and following some commands.. He is so great with our kids and they are great with him.. He had one poop accident in the home, but that is it because all I had to do is tell him no and show him where he needs to go and this genius has not done it since.. He is a great great puppy.. We love him so much.. The foster home (lyn) and Almost home foundation made the process of adopting this great pup so easy and we are very pleased.. Thank you so much to everyone especially the foster home.. We have ourselves a wonderful little pup here..

BUgsy! Jan/11

Nova Scotia now Nova

After seeing Nova’s sweet face and her bio, I was compelled to meet her. Our family had been grieving the loss of our cat, Miranda, of almost 16 years and we were all missing the presence of a furry friend. Nova was about 1 1/2 years old and had been rescued and then had her kittens and she needed a home where she could rule the roost. Her description was perfect and we set out to take a look at her the very next day. I knew when I saw her in person that she was the cat for us! She is a striking and petite brown tabby with lots of personality. She has fit right in and we love her to pieces! She is most affectionate with her mama and she finds her way to sit on my lap just when I need her to. I have told this story to all of my friends and family and have always thought of your rescue efforts in high regard.

Thank you for this gift! Nova is precious and she thanks you, too.

Sincerely, Holly and The Schafer Family Jan/11


My Fiancée and I were both dog lovers and had been looking for a dog to adopt for quite some time. We adopted a dog in the summer of 2010 from a different shelter that ended badly. The dog got diagnosed with distemper about a week after we rescued him and ended up passing away another week later. Even though we only had him a week we were attached and with the passing very hurt.

Then, in December, a week before my birthday we found Brinks at Almost Home. He was just the right size and temperament that we wanted. It’s been over a month now and we could not be happier. Brinks is such a cuddle-bug and a bed hog haha. He loves to play with ropes even though he can destroy them within a few days. Brinks will play with them up until the last tiny little string falls out of the knot. He has met many other dog friends and many of our family members and everyone loves him and boy does he love them! We look forward to many more years of love and companionship with Brinks.

Adopting a dog is an amazing feeling knowing that you saved a dog’s life and now you can share some unconditional love together for the rest of your days.

Krzeminski Family Jan/11

Fury now Barney

We adopted Fury, who we now call BARNEY on dec,3 and there has never been a better day. he just fit into our family very well. he loves to play with his ball from when he gets up until he goes to bed(on our bed of course ) he even takes it to bed !!!!!!!!!!!!! he brings the ball back and throws it at our feet. yes really throws!!!!!!!!!!!!! he also knows how to sit. he loves to go for walks, even in this cold weather. he also loves to go in the car. my husband didnt really want a dog but now BARNEY is his not mine. loves to take him for his walk at night. loves to play ball we are so happy with him.

The Roberts Family Jan/11


Hello AHF Friends!

I just wanted to let you know that I am still doing very well in my “forever home”. I have my very own blue milk cap which I spent 20 minutes playing with yesterday before the big football game – sorry to say, I have become a Packer fan now that I have moved up to Wisconsin. Hopefully, you will not hold it against me!  Mommy and Daddy also bought us kitties a new kitty play tower, which I love to climb up and down. I have been trying to teach the other kitties how to play on it, and they are catching on (but kind of slowly!). I have a sparkly kitty collar, and my very own soft bed – when I am not sharing mommy and daddy’s bed, which I also consider to be “mine”. I still think of the nice friends at AHF who gave me a great start in life and did not give up on me, even when I was sick. Mommy and daddy are grateful too!

Love, Weeble (Kristy Bleeke) Jan/11

Babydoll now Ellie

We adopted Ellie nearly three weeks ago and she is doing great are working through training. She is a much loved member if our family now and can’t imagine being without her. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her, she’s found her forever home and family.

Angela Helsdon Jan/11

Holden now Dudley

We adopted Dudley (formerly known as Holden) after our 12 yr old Vizsla Trigger recently died and our 1 yr creme Golden Retriever Buffett was very sad. His foster mom Jennifer was wonderful! She kept him over the holidays and we brought Dudley home the day after Christmas. He was the best Christmas present ever! (We named him Dudley because he is a dudley lab mix and also because he is the biggest “Cuddley Dudley” ever…anyone remember WGN’s Ray Rayner show?!).

Though he is still a bit shy, he just loves to be loved and his whole body shakes when he wags his tail because he is so happy. He and Buffett have so much fun together and are now inseparable. I am working with Buffett towards becoming a hospital therapy dog and I know Dudley will also be perfect in that role. We are thrilled that Dudley is a part of our family and has found his forever home with us. Thank you AHF for rescuing him…he’s awesome!

The Diegel Family Jan/11

Jennica now Jennica (Jenna) Zoolander Miller

I wanted to stop by and say thank you to all my friends at AHF (especially Uschi!) who helped prepare me for my new life cuz I’ve been living with my new Mama since the day after Christmas and man, I never knew I could have it this good! My new Mama is so neat but man, is she ever strict! She doesn’t let me get away with anything!! But in return she gives me SO much love you know what? I’m so happy and secure now I don’t even care! I finally am in a household where I’m the only pup and it’s just me and my Mama. I have my own very own toys that *I* got to pick out at the store even tho Mama made me drop them in the store & wouldn’t let me play with them,, later that night she started smiling and pulled them out of the closet! I even get to sleep & cuddle in a human bed with my Mama every single night! Some times when she’s asleep I still get up to do patrol and make sure no one’s coming to get us; Mama made me learn how to do this without barking and waking up the neighborhood. *She* always wakes up tho! I can’t get away with anything without her somehow finding out! I’ve even stopped trying to argue with my Mama about who should walk first when we go out on our adventures together! I’ve been learning how to not jump at cars when they drive by (they’re so fun to chase!) & now when I’m not sure how to behave I turn to my Mama to see if she knows for sure. Sometimes we still have a hard time communicating (why can’t humans just grow tails?) but we get better at it every day. I get all kinds of treats and cookies for doing stuff; I even run to the kitchen after our adventures so Mama can rub my feet because I know I’m going to get a yummy treat after she does each paw! I used to HATE when people touch my toes but when she does it I know there’s a yummy in sight! I have a secret to tell you, too – Don’t tell my Mama this but I am so happy now that I don’t have to try to make all the decisions anymore and I know Mama is keeping me safe. She tells me all the time that I’m just a big baby and she knew from the first time she laid eyes on me that I wasn’t a scary Rottweiler like I was pretending to be! She could tell I was just a scared pup who really, really, really wanted to be a good girl. Now that I have my forever home I’m getting that chance and we couldn’t be more grateful to all the special people who helped get us here. It wouldn’t have been possible without you! Love Always, Jennica & Mama (Lindsay)

The Tomczak Family Feb/11


Hi Roberta – Duncan is doing great. First night was rough he was so excited and anxious but after that he was great. All the neighbors that have met him love him.
Thanks for everything again. He is wonderful dog.