Digger Lost

By admin on August 29, 2015


Digger is lost! Please help find him.

Do you hear howling? That is what our household sounded like on a regular basis, whenever one of our babies would cry, you could hear our beloved dog, Digger, crying along. Head back, with a long, loud “Oooooooohhhhhh…..” streaming from his vocal chords.
We adopted Digger from Almost Home Foundation when he was 4 months old, our second adoption from AHF. With his Beagle appetite and nose, Digger could find any crumb one of our children left behind. With his German Shepherd eyes, he would protect our home.
Daily, he would put his chin on one of our legs and just stare into our eyes. Daily, he would wrestle with his canine brothers, Crede and Oscar, and chase his feline brother, Simon.
Now Digger is lost. Possibly living with someone else now.
We went on vacation to Disneyland in California, and boarded Digger with his 2 canine brothers at Baxter and Beasley in Palatine. Literally as we entered Disneyland on the morning of August 5th, we received a call from Baxter and Beasley that Digger had escaped.
60+ days later, Digger is still not home. After much effort on our part, including a helicopter search, postcards, posters, car magnets, prayers, psychics, wonderful volunteers from Almost Home Foundation and friends of AHF, Digger is still not home with his 2 parents, 3 human siblings, 2 canine brothers, and 1 feline brother.