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For the love of Claire fundraiser

Claire Sleigh, a lively Scottish woman (complete with the accent) and one of the founders of Almost Home Foundation, passed away last year. This year, on Claire’s birthday, in honor and celebration of her life and endless love and compassion for all animals, we are instituting a Fundraiser in Claire’s name, with all proceeds benefitting the animals of Almost Home Foundation. 
For her birthday, please help us in celebrating Claire and what was most dear to her heart… animal rescue and education. 
About Claire…

Claire entertained us with her sense of humor and sparkle in her eye for many years. She generously devoted over 50 years of her life to animal rescue. Her passion and compassion have been an inspiration to more than one generation of animal rescuers. Claire loved all animals, without discrimination, but did have a special place in her heart for cats. We would often hear her say "I love dogs, but I worship cats." She had the most giving heart and soul. There is nothing Claire would not do to help and comfort an animal.

Claire also had a soft spot in her heart for children. She always had time to share with our volunteers’ kids and grandkids, and challenged them to love the animals as much as she did. She was not shy about sharing her love for animals, and encouraged kids (and adults) of all ages to follow in her footsteps.

Claire’s passing was a huge loss to the rescue community. She made such a huge and positive impact on AHF as well as the entire rescue community, which included but was not limited to feeding feral cats and assisting with trap and release (TNR) to ensure their health and safety, as well as doing her part to have them spayed/neutered to stop the reproduction and growth of homeless pets.

Click on the donate button below and donate any amount you can in Claire’s honor.