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Provide a Foster Home

What is a Foster Home

  • A foster home takes in one of our homeless animals and cares for it until we find a permanent loving home.
  • Almost Home Foundation pays for the all animal’s food and medical expenses.

How Foster Homes help Almost Home Foundation

  • The animal stays in a home rather than being boarded
  • The foster home learns their temperament and behaviors.
  • The foster home learns if they get along with other animals.
  • The foster home provides insights on the animals that helps Almost Home Foundation look for the right home for the animal.

How Foster Homes help the animals

  • Boarding Kennels are often noisy and frightening for an animal. A home is a much nicer place for the animal to live.
  • Our animals deserve love and attention…Foster homes provide this while the animal is on its journey to a forever home.
  • It is so important to pass any information on to an adoptive family because we have a much better chance of the animal finding a permanent home.

What are the rewards to you for being a Foster Home

  • An animal will always give you unconditional love
  • When you place the dog or cat in a forever home, the feeling is priceless!
  • You are saving a life!! While it is often hard to give the animal to someone else, you have helped saved a life – and are available to help another.

Please reach out and help your community in a world where people seem to have forgotten the words love and caring.