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Volunteer Videos – Other Needs

Events Planning Team

As a part of the Events Planning and Fundraising Team, there are different roles that volunteers can partake in. One of the most important role that volunteers can help with is coming up with ideas for events. Some of the past events have been ice cream socials, picnics, garage sales, bingo, fashion shows and more. The money raised during the event goes towards funding for Almost Home Foundation. After the ideas are narrowed down, the planning and coordinating begins.

Each event must have a coordinator. This position is available to all volunteers. The coordinator is in charge of organizing the event, setting up a budget, contacting venues to host the event (if necessary), setting up registration, managing publicity, creating task list, and ensuring that there are enough volunteers to make the event a success.

As a member of the team, if you do not want to be a coordinator, you can help run the event. Assigned tasks could include setting up and taking down, obtaining raffle items, checking in people at the door, selling raffle tickets, baking goodies for sale at the event, creating posters and helping with activities throughout the event.

The Events Planning Team works to match each volunteer with a role that suits their strengths and preferences. The time commitment varies by roles. If you are coordinating an event, it requires the most time commitment. If you are volunteering to work the event, you would be at the event for as long as it lasts, from set up to take down.

Data Entry Volunteers

As a data entry volunteer you will help with inputting medical records and information about the dogs and cats coming into Almost Home Foundation from the shelters using a data point entry system. As well as updating their age, inputting photos of the dog or cat, and the pet’s status — fostered, adopted, or waiting for a home at our kennel. This is all tracked on PetPoint which is a data web entry system provided to Almost Home Foundation from the microchip and pet insurance company that Almost Home Foundation uses.
– Have some knowledge of web based data entry.
– Basic knowledge of cat and dog medical terms regarding vaccinations and tests.
– Commitment of minimum 1-7 hours per week for specific roles.
– Must be 18 years and older.


Almost Home Foundation releases a newsletter four times a year. It is released every winter, spring, summer and fall.

There are two different areas of focus in the newsletter; articles that are dedicated to covering topics that will be informative and helpful to pet owners and articles that focus on news regarding the foundation itself. Informational topics revolve around common concerns for the animals or tips and tricks that pet owners may not have been aware of that apply to their wellbeing. The others focus on news regarding Almost Home Foundation’s recent events, achievements and special interest activities within the organization.

As a newsletter contributor you will be dedicating a few hours every three months to write articles for the upcoming issue. You by no means have to be an experienced writer. If you volunteer you may pick a topic to write on or we have a list of possible topics to help you along. You are given a word count limit to follow so that the article fits in a specific column or page. All stories are edited and must be approved by the head of the team and the Almost Home Foundation Board.