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Our facility is located at 1800 W. Irving Park Road, Schaumburg, IL, but it is not open to the public. Donations such as unopened bags of food, dog beds, crates, etc. can be left in the donation dropbox located off the parking lot on the left side of the building.

Dog adoption fees range from $100.00 to $500.00, depending on age and whether the dog is considered a Pay it Forward Pup.
• Seniors aged 8 years and up - $100
• Adults 8 months thru the end of the 7th year - $320 (add a refundable $55 if unaltered)
• Pups that are under 8 months - $420 (add a refundable $55 if unaltered)
• Pay it Forward Pup - $500-$950

Cat adoption fees range from $80.00 to $250.00, depending on age and whether the cat is considered a Pay it Forward Kitty.
• Seniors aged 10 years and up - $80
• Adults 8 years thru end of 9th year - $100
• Adults 2 years thru end of the 7th year - $120
• Tween/Teens 6 months thru end of first year - $140
• Kitties that are under 6 months - $160
• Pay it Forward Kitty - $250

Some cats and dogs are considered Pay it Forward - their adoption fee is slightly higher. The goal is to help cats and dogs that have been overlooked for rescue due to the cost of the medical treatment needed. The additional fee for a PIF animal will allow us to save and help these overlooked animals. It is a continuous circle that helps support more animals in need.

We only adopt within the Chicagoland area, and not out of state. Please contact us if you have questions about your eligibility.

Meeting outside of the Saturday adoption shows do take place, but are dependent on the availability of the foster or facility coordinators. Almost Home  Foundation is 100% volunteer based.  We try to be respectful of our foster families by not requiring them to hold meetings outside of the adoption shows, so it is at the discretion of the volunteers involved. Always submit an application so that it can be reviewed.

We need to know that all family members (including any other dogs) are in agreement with adding a new member to the family, so ideally the entire family should attend the adoption event.

We do not necessarily "approve" applications. They are evaluated based on the dog/cat you are inquiring about. We look for the best fit, so an application that looks good for one animal may not be a good fit for another.

Due to the overwhelming amount of applications received for our animals, applicants will only be contacted if the animal applied for is a good match.

Sometimes a dog/cat will find his perfect fit at the beginning of the show, so if there is a specific animal you are interested in, it is recommended that you (1) submit an application ASAP and (2) go to the show early. If the animal you are interested in is adopted prior to your arrival, don't lose hope. We will gladly work with you to help find the perfect fit for you and your family.

Sometimes, but not always. It is best to submit an application ASAP. Some dogs/cats receive a lot of interest and others do not. We choose homes based on the best fit, and not by first come first serve.

When submitting an application, include the names of all animals you are interested in. Your application will be forwarded to the foster/facility coordinators for each animal listed. It may be determined that one animal may not be the best fit where another will be a perfect fit.

Most of our dogs and cats are in a foster home. Others are at our facility in Schaumburg. You should complete an application for review.

Training is always recommended. It helps to build a bond between you and your dog, eliminate unwanted behaviors and prepare the dog for a happy, safe and well adjusted life. We do require training in some cases, especially with puppies. Training will be discussed at the time of adoption and your adoption contract will indicate whether it is being recommended or required.

Almost Home Foundation does have a training program that is open to all Almost Home Foundation adopted dogs for a nominal fee. Puppies attending class must have at least two sets of puppy shots. Adult dogs need to be fully vaccinated.

We provide all known medical records at the time of adoption. Frequently there is no information prior to the dog/cat arriving at Almost Home Foundation.

We rescue animals from local shelters as well as from shelters in Southern Illinois, Alabama, Indiana and Kentucky. Most dogs were originally found as strays, and therefore, we will not have any background. If we do know any backstory on the animal, we will share during conversations as well as in the bio.

A foster home is a temporary home that will take in and care for a homeless animal until a permanent and loving home can be found. Almost Home Foundation pays for all medical expenses and food until adoption.

Foster homes help animals by providing a home to stay in rather than having to live in a kennel where it can be noisy and frightening. Fostering assists in learning about the animal’s temperament and behaviors, allowing for a more successful forever placement. The animals receive the love and attention they need and deserve while on their journey.

You will receive unconditional love from your foster dog/cat. There is an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when you help your foster find their forever home where you know they will be safe and loved for the rest of their lives. Although it will be hard to say goodbye, you will know you helped save a life. These are just a few of the benefits of fostering.

Visit our website and click on the Volunteer option to submit an application for the area you are interested in volunteering. We do list the areas in need of help, but we are always looking for foster homes and dog walkers at our facility.

Visit our website and click on the Donate option. You can set up one time donations or recurring donations. You can also mark your donation as being in honor of or in memory of a person or another pet.

You can also check out the wishlist for our animals and order items from Amazon to be sent to our facility.

A third option is that you can drop off donated items to our facility. We have a donation drop-box off the parking lot on the left side of the building.