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Volunteer Videos – Cats



Luv-a-Pet Adoption Center is located in Bloomingdale PetSmart. This adoption center gives exposure and visibility to cats and kittens up for adoption outside of the adoption shows. Kittens and cats stay in the center 24/7 for a three-week period. If they are not adopted by then, they go back to their fosters and continue attending adoption shows.

While at the center, volunteers look after the wellbeing of the cats and kittens which includes, feeding them, cleaning the condos, cleaning out the litter boxes, and washing their bowls. Also, if a kitten or cat requires medicine then the volunteer administers the medication if the volunteer is comfortable with doing so.

Throughout the shift, volunteers keep track of feeding times, eating patterns and any special notes to add to their bios. Potential adopters can be let inside the room by the volunteers to interact with the kitten or cat so they can learn more about him/her. Most importantly the volunteers are there to keep the cats and kittens company. Morning or evening two hour shifts are available.

Cat Foster

Almost Home Foundation relies on fosters in order to be able to rescue more cats from shelters and off the streets. Fosters welcome the cats into their homes and look after them as if they were their own pet. They feed them and take them to the vet if needed. When you foster, AHF provides the food, litter and other supplies and also pays for any medical expenses.

Cat fosters must abide to two terms set by AHF. Cats must not be let outside because of potential predators and the foster must agree to not declaw them.

The requirements to become a foster are:
 Be at least 21 years of age
 Have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in the household
 Have approval from owner of residence (written in lease)
 Have a valid ID with current address
 Must be able to bring cat to weekly adoption show
 Be approved as a suitable foster home by Almost Home Foundation
 live in the Greater Chicago Land area

Spending time in a foster home gives AHF insight into a cat's behavior. Any noteworthy observations from the foster will be passed down to potential adopters to ensure that the cat is placed in the right home.

One may apply to become a foster on AHF’s website under “Foster A Cat”. Someone will then review the application and contact the applicant to move forward in the process if they meet requirements.


Cat Adoption Shows

On Saturdays from 11am-3pm there are adoption shows for cats and kittens at Bloomingdale Petco and Bloomingdale PetSmart. As an adoption volunteer you will prepare for the adoption show by setting up tables and then placing cat crates on the tables. Then each crate has to be filled with cat bedding, litter box, toys, food and water.

During the shows volunteers interact with and handle the kittens and cats as well as answer basic questions from prospective adopters. When the show is over, the volunteers help with sanitizing the crates, cleaning the litter boxes, and loading the cats into their foster parent’s cars. The commitment is 4.5 hours on Saturdays.

Cat Transports

Almost Home Foundation recuses kittens and cats from local kill shelters and shelters in Southern Illinois. The organization receives information about cats and kittens and they respond back with how many and which ones they can take in.

Every Tuesday AHF has kitten and cat transports. There is a driver who comes from Southern Illinois to drop off the ones that AHF is rescuing. On average there are 1-10 rescues in the transports. Kitten and cat transport volunteers must be 21 years and older. Transport volunteers should have a car that is able to accommodate cat carriers. The cat carriers must be sanitized and cleaned to reduce the risk of infections.

The AHF volunteers will be updated frequently of the driver’s location and estimated time of arrival. Once the driver arrives at the agreed meeting spot, which is usually the PetSmart in Hoffman Estates, the volunteers load them into their cars and take the rescues to the vet in Hanover Park for a checkup. Fosters who have been assigned to a specific cat or kitten pick them up from the vet to take them home.